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  1. Thanks! You should definitely stick with it unless the side effects are bothering you too much. I'm also getting really bad pain in my knees and hips lately... i guess accutane is just drying the joint fluids out? I have the rest of this month and one more month left (6month course in total) until i finish. My results are so good so far and I have no regrets I have a few small indentations on my face from cysts etc since being on accutane but they're not that noticable to others (I hope!
  2. Photo update End of month 4: week 1, month 5 60 mg once a day Side effects Very, very dry lips. Both corners of my lips ripped a while ago and they haven't healed since. They keep splitting every time i yawn etc which is really painful! Dry nose, nasal spotting Joint pain, mainly my knees and hips. I cant go to the gym anymore because I ache so much the next day Weight loss? I was 9 stone when i started accutane and i'm now 8.13 (57kg to 51kg) I haven't been dieting so I was wondering
  3. Thanks so much, its so nice to finally have people compliment my skin because of having acne for years and years! Hope your accutane journey's all go well
  4. Aw thank you so much, so is your skin! Love reading your blog
  5. These photos were taken the first day of month 4 on accutane: 60mg a day I currently have no active pimples, blackheads or cysts. Jut very, very dry skin and bleeding lips Side effects continues Skin today:
  6. Thanks guys! Catlover2012: I get weird pains in my arms sometimes, i'm not sure what they are or even if they're accutane related. I'm pretty sure the back ache is from the accutane though. Sounds like the accutane is slowly getting into your system though! Good luck with everything, hope you get the results you want ! As for existing pimples, i leave them alone completely. I picked one when i was on my first month and its left a prominent red mark, lesson learnt. If i leave them alone i find
  7. Month 3, week 2 on 60mg accutane I currently have 1 pimple in between my eyebrows and that is it !!! I cant remember the last time my skin was this clear, i'm so happy! I have no blackheads either and I've had blackheads always since i was about 12 years old! Its so nice to feel no bumps, cysts or have anything bleeding on my face. My skin is super dry but its manageable. Its more noticeably dry around my nose, eyes and cheeks. My face seems to look a look more flushed since upping from
  8. I haven't really changed my life style at all. Here's some tips i can think of as an accutane user and a nurse: -Take accutane at the same time every day if you can so you have the same amount of levels in your body -Take accutane with your meal highest in fat content as accutane is absorbed in the blood stream -Go easy on exercise as excessive exercise can be harsh on your joints -Be kind to your hair and skin. Accutane will dry you out majorly depending on your dose, Moisturize your sk
  9. aw thanks so much! Accutane is really not as bad as some people make it out to be! The media seem to have created accutane into being this horror drug but with the right dose and dermatologist i'm almost certain you'll be fine and get the results you want. If you don't mind me asking, what weight and dose have you started on? My acne was never seriously severe but it was persistent, embarrassing and painful and constantly flared up. I hope you get the results you want and look beautifu
  10. Start of month 3 My dermatologist upped my dose from 30mg to 60mg because im still getting some outbreaks, nothing major but still. I'm kinda worried this dose will be too much for me because i only weigh 50kg but im so desperate for perfect skin, clear of acne! Still a lot of PIH all over my face but i feel its fading. Here's a photo update (photos are without makeup, of course!) Side effects: dry lips thirsty dry skin, around eyes and nose skin bruises and cuts very easily
  11. I think we started accutane the same time and are more or less the same weight. I started on 30mg and my dermatologist upped my dose to 60mg yesterday. Have you been on 40mg the whole way through? I was just wondering if you noticed an increase in side effects/ improvement if they upped your dose because im kinda worried now ! I might copy you with the virgin coconut oil, my skin is getting super dry! Glad to hear your skin is improving and you wont have any scarring
  12. Still continually breaking out. My skin is better than it was before starting accutane but i'm STILL getting pimples. Before accutane, the only area I had pimples was around my jawline, lower face, but since starting accutane my jawline is completely clear and now my cheeks are the main area where I break out. The pimples fade within a few days, dry out super fast and flake off but then i'm left with these dry red marks. Will these marks fade? Overall skin is defiantly much better but i
  13. My skin seems to be a lot better right now. I currently have 2 active pimples, no cysts and my blackheads seem to be fading! My skin hasn't been this clear in months... hope it continues to get better! I'm really hoping my dermatologist ups my dose for month 3, i'm so desperate for flawless skin. I turn 20 next week and I don't want acne in my 20's, i want it gone for good! Still on 30mg/day Confidence is improving dramatically Side effects dry lips static hair??? I'm not sure if this has
  14. Oh i see, thats reassuring ! Hope your journey is going okay !?