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  1. I've heard that if you squeeze out the liquid from the gel capsules and apply it directly to a pimple, it'll help swelling almost instantly... but has anyone actually tried this? I'm not sure how long I should leave it on... would overnight be a good idea? Or should it be washed off soon after it takes effect? I guess I'm also a little scared it might make things worse.
  2. Sorry I'm so late, but I just wanted to say thanks! I think you might be right... I befriended the owners of a cake shop a while back, so I've been eating a lot more cake since then... Looks like I'll need to eat healthier!
  3. Hey guys, I'd say I have somewhat mild acne, though I can occasionally get some pretty bad pimples... Anyway, I used to regularly get pimples on my upper cheeks, and would maybe occasionally get pimples elsewhere (i.e. forehead, nose, etc). It's been like this for years... However, I think maybe a few months ago, all of a sudden my cheeks cleared up! Since then, I've rarely gotten anything on my cheeks. It's been great! Unfortunately, for some reason, I began constantly breaking out on my