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  1. I use physiogel for facial cleanser and its very mild on skin and can be used to your entire body if you want. And apply argan oil for moisturizer, it also helps lighten my acne scars.
  2. i use physiogel too, it's really mild on skin...you may try it too!
  3. hopefully, by joining this forum it helps me find solutions and more options what products can i safely used..
  4. i want to try this too, and just hope it works well with me..Good luck for me.
  5. I decided to join this forum to know the best remedies for oily skin and how to treat acne and eliminate facial scars which is very disgusting. I already tried different products but still after some months still got acne..Maybe i can find the cheaper way to solve my problem in this forum. Hope to search for home remedies for it that might be effective for me.