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  1. Well, the other derm that I do also go to isn't in the office for the following two weeks! And they are dead set against me getting these shots and want me to just put warm compresses on them until they go away... It has really been getting to me. All my mother says is to stop focusing on my face and to move on. She says i use enough stuff on my face and take pills, so I shouldn't need the shots.. Well, the other derm that I do also go to isn't in the office for the following two weeks! And t
  2. Hi All. So for the past two months I have been on a tretinion cream .%, doxycycline and have recently added Ovace face wash. My face has been clearing up... except for these three cystic pimples on my face. I called the derm, they told me to get cortisone shots (I was relieved to finally have a solution to these pesky bastards) and them my parents informed me they didn't want me to do that... because they didn't like my derm... And now I feel just as depressed as I was when I saw the cysts for
  3. Hello all! It has been 2 months since I have started the generic retin-a .1% and doxycycline. I have seen a steady and slow improvement where I am only getting a few pimples. I do have 2 pimples that are lingering on my face for 2 weeks now and I want to know how to treat them. They hurt and they are hard. Also, my derm prescribed me Ovace face wash--sodium SULFACETAMIDE 10% face wash--and it has only been a week using it, but I feel it has been helping. Does anyone else out there use this o
  4. Hi! I was recently prescribed Ovace face wash for a morning cleanser and I wanted to know if you found this medicine beneficial. I have been on Tretition .1% cream for 2 months now and have just started the face wash about a week ago. Do you feel that this face wash was a good at clearing up your face? Currently I have two pimples that refuse to come to head or go away--will Ovace help clear them up? Congratulations on your success btw!
  5. Hi! I just wanted to say that I took B.C. pills for four months... and they were the worst four of my life. I was crying the whole time, I was breaking out like crazy, and I couldn't do anything to stop it. At first, the break outs were only before my period. Then, by the fourth month, it was every week. I finally had enough and stopped the pill at the end of the pack. Right now, I am dealing with little pimples that are the remnants of my whacked out hormones. But, I just wanted to say that e
  6. Hi! I have mostly whiteheads and clogged pores around my mouth and chin. Would neutrogena's deep clean gentle scrub and alcohol-free toner work for me to get rid of these stubborn clogged pores? I currently use cetaphil for my face wash every morning and exfoliate twice a week with the scrub. Should I add the toner in the morning? Also, for the past month, I have been using Retin-a .1%... Any advice?
  7. Hi! I have been taking doxycycline, putting on retin-a and benzaclin for my mild acne. But, now I just get a lot of clogged whiteheads and I want to know what type of medication I should be using for that? Will sacylic acid work for me or should I stick to the benzaclin? Here is my regimine: wash with cetaphil cleanser put on benzaclin Yes to Tomatoes moisturizer night: wash with warm water put on retin-a I also take a multi-vitamin, zinc, three fish oils, and my doxycycline. The z
  8. Thank you so much for giving me advice! I actually have switched my moisturizer to Yes To Tomatoes, an all natural moisturizer that does not have any of the known pore clogging ingredients in it. I have still been getting pimples, but I am only a month into these two new topical medications. I am just happy that it hasn't gotten any worse, but I still have been getting one or two pimples every week. I have learned to not pick at them, put my medicine on, and some cover up. I wish I could find a
  9. Hello! Here is a quick update on who I am. I have had acne since I hit puberty. It was always a few pimples here and there... But in my eyes I felt like it was the worse thing in the world. After going to a dermatologists, I went through the testing of products until I finally found what worked for me. This was at 17 years old. I was relieved to finally only get one or two pimples before my period... And then I met the love of my life. I decided to go on birth control and after a few months