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  1. Does anyone know whether it is ok to use a red and blue light treatment like Lumie Clear whilst also using Differin? I know that Differin makes your skin sensitive to the sun but have not been able to find out anywhere online whether the same applies to red and blue light? I currently use Differin at night on active breakouts only and wondered if I can use Lumie Clear at the same time or in the morning. Has anyone had an answer on this from dermatologist?
  2. Hi Emma I am not sure if I can help much but can share my personal experience. I have used powder makeup for over 10 years but in the past couple of years my skin has become more acne prone and I think the powder mineral makeup is contributing to it. The one I use doesn't contain corn starch or rice starch, only mica, kaolin and titanium dioxide. I am not sure which clogs my pores but I have read online several views that mica can be pore clogging. I find that most sunscreens break me ou
  3. Hi All I am still searching (UK) for a suitable oil free light foundation that won't break me out. I am currently using a mineral powder foundation but still having problems with this so thought I would try to find a suitable liquid foundation. Recently I have looked at Estee Lauder double wear light and Revlon Colourstay. I got a sample of the double wear light from the counter but when I went to try it out at home I found that it felt quite heavy and when I tried to mix water a few dro
  4. Hi JustMeUk I was wondering if you'd care to post an update on how your treatment has gone?
  5. Thanks for your replies. I've checked the ingredients again on the mineral powder I am using at the moment (Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals) and the only ingredients are Mica (Opacifier), Titanium Dioxide (Sunscreen), Kaolin (Absorbent), Illite (Anticaking Agent). [+/- CI 77492 (Colour), CI 77491 (Colour), CI 77499 (Colour), CI 77891 (Colour)]. I am not sure what ingredient is the problem but I am pretty sure it is the makeup causing the acne as it only normally flares up after about
  6. Hi All I am interested to hear if anyone here thinks that their mineral makeup causes acne and makes them break out. I know that mineral makeup is often touted as being non comodogenic because of it's ingrdients but I have been finding that after a few days use of several different types of powder mineral makeup I've tried I still get some very nasty spots. I just wonder if because mineral makeup has such fine particles these actually settle more within the pores, mix with natural o
  7. Are there any UK members who can help me with this please?
  8. Hi I have alot of very small ice pick scars on one area of my face. Most of the scars are about the size of a large pin prick and are reasonably shallow but slightly red although old. As I get older (mid forties) and my skin looses some of it's elasticity these small scars create lots of fine lines and the wrinkles which are very unsightly and make me look alot older. Has anyone had any successful treatment for this type of small and shallow scarring? Thanks Samui.
  9. Hi Jake Yes scars do tend to worsen with age. My scars only surfaced when I reached 40. Can you tell us what the scar looks like and whereabouts on your face it is?
  10. Hi All I was wondering if there are any UK members here who have had treatment for their scars and if so who did they see? Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon? It seems that there are very few cosmetic dermatologists in the UK who deal with issues such as scarring but I don't think UK plastic surgeons will always have access to laser treatments etc. Any suggestions or advice most welcome. Thanks.
  11. Thanks all for your replies. It looks like I might have to live with these scars unless I can find a surgeon who is comfortable to do the subscision. Just to clarify though I think treating scars actually ont he chin itself is probably ok with subscision, the problem I believe is with scars that are on either side of the chin ( below the corners of the mouth) where the major facial arteries fun. Other areas of the face such as the middle of the cheeks which often need to be treated do not ha
  12. Thanks for your reply. I understood that the problem with tethered scars was that the dermis scars deeply and attaches it to the underlying tissue causing the depressions. Therefore subscision needs to happen underneath the dermis. Am I wrong about this?
  13. Hi Michi31 Apart from these two scars I have one other deepish boxcar type scar a couple of quite light rolling scars and some pin prick icepick scars which are not that noticeable. Overall the scarring is quite mild and just around my chin but I expect it will worsen as I age so would like to get something done soonish if I can. When I look down I notice that the tethered scars also create dips in my face which look horrible and very aging. I haven't ever had any cortisone injections but