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  1. to answer my own question..I've now used it only 2 times and my face looks 100% better!! ok, maybe I'm exaggerating, or maybe its a result of something else (i just finished month 3 on accutane..but with no success so far) BUT I'm really excited about the possibilities and I'll post more when I've used it for at least a month.
  2. Hi there, my apologies if this has already been discussed somewhere else. I friend of mine has recently started making her own soap with lye and goats milk. She had read online that natural soaps (that are made with lye, not propylene glycol) have cleared up acne. Anyone try this before? Her soap still isnt ready, but I'm dying to try it!
  3. This is a great idea! Starting now I will not pick.
  4. Hi everyone, I tried the regimen for a little bit, and it seemed to be making my acne worse so I stopped. I didn't want to just throw out the gel that I had bought, since there is still a lot in each (I got 2). If anyone is interested, I'll sell them both for $15 including shipping. Let me know! Sarah
  5. thanks so much! ill try aleve next period..
  6. verona08

    what next?

    Hi everyone, Im 24 now and Ive had acne as long as I can remember. Ive tried a lot of stuff over the years and nothing seems to be working. I tried Dan's regimin and that seemed to make things worse, and my derm put me on minocyclin recently and that didnt work. Everything I try seems to clear things up for about a week, and then it goes back to norma. The thing is that I tried minocyclin back about 7 years ago and it cleared my face up in no time. What happened? Im guessing some kind of hormo
  7. well it is working for me so far, so i wouldn't rule it out as bogus just yet..i even survived my period without a major breakout, which is a miracle in itself. ill keep you posted
  8. I started taking this about a week ago, and so far my skin hasn't been this clear in 5 months. I feel like it is improving each day now rather than getting worse. I also started using a new cleanser, so maybe thats it too? Whatever it is, I'm crossing my fingers that it keeps up!
  9. i was using the neutrogena on the spot BP, but then i switched to Dan's brand hoping that would help. for the moisturizer, ive been using cetaphil. i use a decent sized glob of the BP like Dan suggests, and maybe a little less moisturizer. i have been rubbing it in in circles, maybe thats the problem?
  10. has anyone tried this? it looks like it would work for uneven skin/red marks/scars/large pores, but i wanted to see if anyone has had any luck with it before ordering. what about any other products of hers? i have some scars but I'm afraid of using anything too harsh cause my skin really doesn't deal well with that. any recommendations?
  11. After I put the BP on and let it sit until my face feels dry, I moisturize like the regimen says to..except that it turns into some kind of a weird paste and flakes off...what am I doing wrong?? should I just not moisturize?
  12. I know exactly how you feel! What you described was pretty much my college experience. Ive always been quiet and I looked forward to meeting new people in college and hopefully clearing up and sort of "reinventing myself." The thing is that it never happened..I went to a big university and was fortunate enough to live near a high school friend on campus, but I ended up hanging out with her friends instead of making my own. I never really felt like I fit in, and they would often forget about me.
  13. hi everyone! i just wanted to share with you all what finally worked for me. i went into drug store the other day looking for something i havent tried yet (which wasnt much) and there was a very helpful girl who reccomended that i try clearasil ultra vanishing cream with 10% benzoyl peroxide. i feel like i might have used this years earlier but i decided it coudlent hurt to give it a try and i saw results immediatly. now i finally have clear skin, although i still have a few scars that i cant ge