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  1. So this is whats been happening for me, i started ziana on nov 9th, i take solodyn in the morning, its an antibiotic and then apply ziana at night. My derm said dont wash your face since the antibiotic cleans your face out for u, so in thhe morn i wash my face with water. The first week , the ziana was irrating and my skin was literally peeling off, but peeling is good, it took a week for the pimples to swell down. But now im left with like red spot sorta like freckles hard to explain and im not
  2. Aw ty, but i dont feel that way, im just happy it looks better then it was.
  3. Missdee207

    before treatment

    Yea, they were small but all bunched up together. There no more pimples anymore just small dots of red ,mbut my face still has that bumpy affect when i wash it.
  4. Aw ty you to hun. Only thing is im scared once im off the antibiotic. I tried putting make up on when i have to go out, but you can still tell i have acne, but im just thankful it got a bit better, what brand of make up you wear?
  5. What were you taking to getbrid of your acne?
  6. Missdee207

    so depressed..

    I uploaded a gallery so u can see how bad it was.=(
  7. Feel free to comment, any advice will help.
  8. Missdee207

    so depressed..

    Oh ok. Ya my doc said try this first before we run any tests on you, ziana is a gel , like differen, you apply it at night. Solodyn is what i think cleared at might skin since thats it job. I do think my hormones played a big part of what going on with my face, but i dornt know for sure yet. I never been on bc, so i dont know if they would help me at all. So far its been two weeks and there no more white heads , it just red still and skin feel rough when u rub againist it, hard to example lol.
  9. Missdee207

    so depressed..

    Did u always suffer from acne, my face looks exactly like that and i never suffered from acne till about two months ago. I went to my derm to see what was going on and he said its common for my age to get acne..(great) he gave me solodyn and ziana and i have to say its been working i dont the pimples anymore really, but i do have like small red dots i guess, but putting on foundation looks like i have freckles. What exactly do you have?
  10. So it's been like a week and two days I think, and my face is way better , no more pimples really but I do have like small dots I guess of redness, not sure how long it will take until everything gone.
  11. Missdee207


    What did you use?
  12. So I went to the derm he gave me solodyn and ziana. It's been 3 days and my skin is very dry and irritating from time to time, looks the same but flaky is occurring a bit. I have to go back in 4 weeks so will see what happens. He said its acne not a rash I'm just having a late breakout and its common. Praying it helps if it doesn't , the he has to take blood work.
  13. Hey everyone I too have the same story. I'm 23 and I never had acne until about two months ago started out small then progressed to my cheeks and chin and a little on the nose. I was sure if was acne or a rash so I went to my derm on Friday and he said that I'm having a outbreak of acne and it is common for my age. I have little pimple all bunched together on my cheeks and chin. Sorta hard to describe. He gave solodyn and ziana. I have to take solodyn once a day and ziana apply at night, through
  14. Missdee207

    frontal--mid Nov

    Quick question I'm not sure if I have a rash or acne since what I have appeared only two months ago, and I never suffered from acne. but it looks like what you have? What exactly do you have, if u don't mind me asking.
  15. Quick question, have you every had acne? Your story like mine, except I never had acne before, and about a month ago I now have small pimples all together on my cheeks mostly and chin but no where else. So I'm trying to see what it is still. You can take a look for yourself I have it on a post.