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  1. To start off you can say I have mild acne, so I did a little research I found out Vitamin D can cure acne, so I gave it a shot. Since last sunday, I've been taking 10K IU of D3 (One pill 5K AM & the other PM) I take them with a meal always. I decided to take 10K because I don't go out much in the winter, so I have no source of Vitamin D My face has been clearing up, I can just tell. It's working, and I have had no side effects. Should I keep taking 10K or stay at 5K? or just
  2. So It's like I can't keep a clear face, months ago I've had a clear face and like suddenly it just goes down the drain. I start to get so much acne, it's annoying. I went to the derm, my face was clear at that time, I use the medications they gave me till this day & my face just keeps f-ing up. My face is clear when I eat whatever I want, drink no types of water. Now since I got acne again, I thought eating much healthier and drinking lots of water will help me clear my face, but I think