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  1. There is no such thing as a perfect person.....once you fix it all you will find something else that's wrong with you .
  2. I megadose on b5 for six months best months of my life no acne no oil. I stop b5 cause too many pills and I didn't want to take it everyday for the rest of my life. The oil cameback no acne still I'm trying a different approach to stop sebum from coming out too much. D3 seems to be helping but too soon to know. It didn't cause any hairloss for me.
  3. I wish we could molt it all off like a reptile. How nice would that be? haha Yes ! Just peel off like a snake!
  4. Thank you! I do have a 1.5 dermaroller, do you think the stamp will be more effective for me? I had wondered that prior. I though of alternating between peeling and rolling, with a month in between each. From what I know derma rolling is more for box scars types ... Yours looks like ice picks which I heard dermastamp is great for them. Im think of getting the stamp one for couple of scars I have here and there.
  5. Yea but everyone is different 1 to 5 grams might b enough for you is something you have to figure it out.
  6. Thanks....and bout those deep scars no cream or topicals would restore your skin back . I'm thinking about trying dermastamp in a near future as I have scars here n there.
  7. I took b5 for about 6 months at 9 grams per day It clear me up after a month no zits no oil.. I lower my dose to 1 gram daily. Oil has return but no acne .. I'm now taking vitamin D3 for oil mainly is been 2 weeks and it has slow down a bit like it would take longer to get oily but eventually it gets there.
  8. No one is perfect....that's why pencils have erasers and Pens white out.-- unknown.
  9. If there is one bird pop in my car is all good But not when they take a shit all over the place.
  10. I been too taking D3 for 3 weeks now and I think is helping haven't had a zit since and the oil production has slow down it takes longer to get a shine face than before. I take 6 k ui daily.
  11. I didn't have anything to eat but a little 50 cent McDonalds burger and I was dehydrated from playing soccer before. I think that's why I got drunk so easily. Oh yes eating before drinking makes a big difference. I always eat a big meal if I know im gonna b consuming alcohol. Try a big glass of yogurt 2 hours.before drinking helps ease the stomach.
  12. You were already drunk after half a can ? I think I drank more than a 12 pack of dos xx Labor day. Didn't even feel drunk But anyways alcoholic beverage doesn't affect me at all if anything I think it helps me.
  13. When you stop giving a shit about your skin and it actually clears up WTF.
  14. Your skin looks normal. Almost every man out there have oily and big pores Look around.
  15. I don't know how I ended up in this post. But I learn something new today