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  1. Hi All, I decided to come back and just re-confirm to everyone in regards to acne and diet. As, it can be confusing with doctors telling you diet has no effect on your skin. Not sure, if they really do not know, or they just do not want you to know so they can prescribe medication and get commission from the pharmaceutical companies! Anyway, quick back story - during most of my high school my skin was pretty clear and I would get the occasional zit...but often clear skin. Then when I turned
  2. I didnt say it was as easy a forgetting everything! Believe me its HARD...and I know it...I used to get so mad when I kept getting the painful ones that would scar bc even when I didnt look in the mirror...i would feel it bc it woudl hurt! That was the lowest point for me. Then after a while I thought...its been a year + I am FED UP w it all. When I freak out it makes it worse...I used to also pick at my face etc. Anyways so then I started trying to relax...enjoy time w friends and stay aw
  3. Healthoid...yes acne can be internal...but did you know...your thoughts...cause internal problems?? Stress can REALLY effect your health. I went through a lot of stress a month ago...moving back to the USA, no job, no friends, boyfriend dumped me...instead of acne this time....my stress caused me to get shingles...thank GOD I am fine now and the shingles were only on my ear and did not scar me..it was painful though. Anyways...so stress does cause internal problems...and different foods umigh
  4. Hello again everyone. I would like to say first of all im a girl Second of course I know its hard NOT to think about acne when you have it...I thought about it for one whole year...every single day...I was OBSESSED...crying sometimes...I just couldnt beleive it...my skin was clear all through highschool then bam I got acne when I went to college. I went from CLEAR skin (maybe a pimple a week..that went away FAST) to PAINFUL pimples that took a month to heal...my face was covered in scars...
  5. Stop thinking about your acne problems so much. I have not been on here for a while...but my best advice is not to think about it so much...when I stopped thinking so much and tyring all these things...which drove me nuts bc it seemed nothing worked...my acne went away! Well of course there were a few things that helped...such as learning...peanut butter breaks me out and flaxseeds..as well as too much chocolate. I think its best to keep diet vaired...but keep a look out for certain foods tha
  6. yea but everyone is different and everyone is made to beleive certain things are good when they are not. For instance...dairy....most people think its so good for you...when its not good for everyone bc people get intolerance to it! I am never hungry for breakfast...never through out my whole life...but my last year in highschool i decided to force myself to eat it bc i wanted to be healthy...but i also started eatring more junk food on top of that...anyways started breaking out and didnt know
  7. u know...i thought about this before...bc my skin was the BEST ever in highschool...when i did not have breakfast...no problems at all w skin...and i only started getting problems after i started eating too much food...AND BREAKFAST...now i try to avoid eating before 12 AND eat less and my skins tons better
  8. The secret to an effective antioxidant regimen is to have moderate levels of as wide a variety of different antioxidants as possible, since they have synergistic properties. Maybe for the same reason that you can walk into stores and buy CIGARETTES! But seriously, I don't understand how the critics out there can warn against the supposedly dire consequences of taking supplemental vitamin C, when common animals synthesize their own vitamin C at gram levels every day (adjusted to human
  9. i find this theory very interesting...i remember reading a post once...a mother was writing it for her son...saying that she was wondering if the fact that he eats breakfast is causing him to get acne...since his cousins and friends who dont eat breakfast dont have acne...then i thought about it and when my skin was perfect clear in highschool...i didnt eat breakfast either! Sure there are many other factors that contributed to me getting worse acne....such as adding more foods to my diet im al
  10. just so u know...i never ate peanut butter...and my sister gave me a jar and i dont know why..i started eating a lot of it...finished the jar in 4 days...myself!!! Anyways i broke out on my always clear back...im tlaking about all over...and i stopped peanut butter of course bc i knew that was only thing changed in diet...and it took 2 weeks to clear up....that was almost a year ago...back still CLEAR....and u should have seen my back after the peanut butter fiasco....BAD...now CLEAR....but EVE
  11. have u ever thought that it could be something new you added to your diet to cause your acne?? such as coffee?? Bc i have noticed certain new things i added to my diet caused me to get acne...i still like to go on this site sometmes...to say this bc it was really true for me....i used to never eat peanut butter...ate a bunch and got acne on my back...stopped and acne went and back CLEAR....never had soy....started drinking soy milk every day and got acne on my neck...stopped the soy and gone w
  12. yea..it takes time to figure out...i dont have body acne usually...only that time i added those foods and its been months...but i wanted to come on here and say what i learned to help others...the main thing is...everyone different and u must figure out what u can eat and cant eat...bc i beleive a lot of it has to do w food allergies....at least for me it did...my face...would be clear except for my slight scars which take like a month to go away...except for one pimple!! bc ocassionaly i eat a
  13. also maybe u allergic to ur detergent???
  14. Yea i agree with this...some of you may have strict diet and be switching to things that cause acne even!! Like for me i went on strict diet..and switched from milk to soy (soy gave me new acne on neck) and flaxseeds bc its supposed to be good but im guess im allergic bc it gave me cysts on my ALWAYS CLEAR back...and then later peanut butter which i never eat....i added and it gave me acne like rash on my back (not cysts..but acne rash all over) anyways stopped peanut butter and back has been p
  15. I have said this before...but i feel like it is important to say again. Everyone is different and finding what foods cause u to break out is DIFFICULT. I was always not sure BUT VERY interested in figuring out what maybe be breaking me out. I wanted to beleive the food and acne correlation and i understand it may not be true for EVERYONE...BUT for me as I was trying to GET RID of acne...by following tips and adding NEW things in to my diet and eliminating others...I LEARNED FOODS CAN CAUSE AC