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  1. On the scars forum here there is a group of people who are blamming Accutane for the scars they have, claiming they would not have them if it were not for Accutane. I dont see how Accutane can cause scars? In the manual it says it will prevent them I think, however it cannot help scars that have already formed. I think those people would have gotten scars regardless of Accutane. Their acne would have caused their scars all by itself.
  2. Acne causes scars not Roaccutane. Roaccutane may cause a flare up or break out, but in and of its self it cannot cause scarring. Acne causes scarring. I know peeps who have never taken Roaccutane and have some deep scars.
  3. I read a study that tested biotin at 2.5mg per day. The outcome was improved hair and nail brilliance over a period of 6months. I suggest you take one 5mg tablet/capsule in the morning after breakfast. That way the Accutane wont have a chance to interfere or hinder it. Thats if you take your Accutane after dinner as most people do. But either way I wouldnt take them both at the same time. I think it is wise you are supplementing with biotin when on Accutane. Best of luck to you.
  4. Thanks for the feedback guys. Raf, how much do you weigh? And how much Accutane were you taking?
  5. Hair increase is possible? Where?... scalp hair or body hair?
  6. Whats "prednisone". And where do you get it from?
  7. agentx, what do you mean when you said Roaccutane caused redness?
  8. The way the dr. usually works out the dose is 1mg per 1kg. So if you weigh 60kg you take 60mg.
  9. How much do you weigh? 20mg per day isnt much. Thats a good dose to be on to avoid the side effects.
  10. Well its different to foreskin.
  11. I have been talking to someone who works as a pharmicist and he takes very small amounts of Accutane, like 10mg every second day. He had oily skin and said that this eliminated that. He told me that very small doses like that could actually help reduce excessive sebum excretion without the nasty side effects associated with Accutane. Can your regular Dr. perscribe Accutane for you, or does it have to be a derm?
  12. Does this CP serum help eliminate red/browny spots?
  13. Thnaks for the replys. I have had a couple of professional peels b4, but that was about 2 years ago. Do they supply a nuetralizer with the glycolic acid 30-40%? Because when I got those peels done by the Dr. he used to leave the acid on for 2-3mins and then he would wipe my face with a nuetralizer.