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  1. You should receive a letter containing your iPledge information = ) It takes a little while but you'll get it.
  2. Thank you for your response! =) My blood work has been turning out great every month, so I guess this is a good dosage for me. I just got freaked out reading some things online.
  3. Hi everybody = ) I wanted to get some advice about my dosage. I'm currently in my 3rd month of treatment and on 80 mg. My first month was 40 mg and the last two months have been 80 mg. I'm an 18 year old female and I weigh anywhere from 110-113 pounds and I'm 5'3". I've been feeling great as far as side effects go. I have a few small flakey spots on my brow bones, but that's about it. Other than that my skin has not gotten any drier than I was before Accutane. I've gotten a couple rashes here a
  4. So i went to the dermatologist with high hopes for spiro. The derm told me that she felt that my acne wasnt hormonal and that spiro wouldnt help. Right away she told me that she felt that accutane would be the best option. It does make me feel sad in a way that right away she said accutane, because most people have to fight to get accutane, but for me it was the derm really saying it was the best thing (just goes to show you how bad my skin really is). At the same time it gives me high hopes tha
  5. I'm going to go see a dermatologist next week and was wondering if the dermatologist would give me a hard time about Spiro? Since its not specifically considered an acne medication...
  6. Would it be safe and effective for an 18 year old girl to take spiro? Or is this too young