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  1. Mikewill

    Proteins And Preworkouts

    Thiamine is vitamin B1 and it's water soluble so it won't cause breakouts. Whey is the liquid remaining after milk has been curdled, so what you are drinking is milk extract--LOL.
  2. Mikewill


    I have used EVERYTHING--including The Regimen (which has been the best non prescription thing I've used) but EpiDuo us MAGIC. I stayed clear ONE year and a half while using it. Of course, the regular breakout will appear, but it zaps away in a couple of days. A-ma-zing. Keep it up! PS: My medical plan doesnt cover EpiDuo anymore so I am relying on The Regimen and Origins products. :/ But at least I am pretty clear!
  3. Mikewill

    Proteins And Preworkouts

    I am an avid workout guy and have been through the same. I was eating a lot of dairy and using a bunch of products and asked myself, what am I doing wrong? DIET. THATS what I was doing wrong. I eliminated all dairy from my diet (obviously SOME dairy residues are always going to cut through in what you eat, but at least not straight dairy). Immediately I felt and noticed a difference in my skin. Sure, I still have some breakouts, but they are the regular hormonal ones. I would breakout like
  4. Mikewill

    Tea Tree And Witch Hazel Face Wash - Opinions?

    Try to combine Tea Tree Oil with another treatment, like BP. Warning--this might be irritating. Go slow on it. There are tea tree gels as well, and it is proven to be as effective as BP. Witch Hazel is good for lightening hyperpigmentation...
  5. Mikewill

    Smells good. Foam doesnt create much lather. You need to apply too much product to cleanse well. Product price too high for quantity. I used this a long time ago, and while I love Clinique, I would steer away from this foam cleanser and use the bar version instead.
  6. I have heard of a natural product line from DermaE. Check it out. It seems to be effective.
  7. Mikewill

    Diet And Acne.org Products

    @wombat666 I would skip the white rice immediately. White rice is deadly! Use brown rice instead. Sugary foods are very dangerous.
  8. Mikewill

    2 Pumps Vs 1.5 Pump Of Bp

    Dont use more than one pump. Over treating isn't the key to clear acne. Use a dime size amount when starting the Regimen and increase to half a finger and a finger later on. Most people here are confused about the famous "when in doubt, use more" line Dan uses in the Regimen. I, with all due respect (and like many dermatologists), disagree. I say go with a finger of BP. You will irritate instesd of clear with nore than that. You shouldn also feel "layered". Your skin must breathe.
  9. Mikewill

    Only Problem With The Acne.org Instructions

    BP should be used generously. Perhaps you began using the Regimen with too much BP. You have to begin with a dime size amount and THEEEEEN use a bit more. I have been doing this and have had NO irritation whatsoever.
  10. Mikewill

    Acne.org Regimen Vs Epiduo

    Not because someone had bad results with the Regimen means you will as well have bad results. Yes, The Regimen uses two lightweight gel based and cream based formulas. Applying both to the skin and leaving them on throughout the day helps kill acne causing bacteria 24/7. Of course, EpiDuo is an excellent product, but dont mix up the two treatments. If you have already started with The Regimen, continue with it and see how it goes. Make sure to check your diet, too.
  11. Keep up with the Regimen, and I always say to acne sufferers to check their diet. What goes in sometimes affects what is out. Study your intake. Avoid sugary foods and try to steer away from dairy.
  12. Mikewill

    Acne.org Regimen Vs Epiduo

    Keep up with the Regimen. I am a former user of EpiDuo and had AMAZING results. I am using the Regimen now and have seen dramatic results as well. I say give it a try. If you don't see major improvement then return to the EpiDuo.
  13. I would carry around a bit of the moisturizer. After taking a shower, use ONLY a dime size or less in the dry areas of your face. Dont do this every time you shower, though. Only on your second shower.
  14. Although some people declare that food and acne have no thread between each other, studies have shown that some subjects have indeed shown some effect towards various foods. I have come across people that put an "it doesn't work" stamp on a product because it didn't work for them. Many have yet to know if their diet is affecting their breakouts. Make a list of your daily intake and check if some foods tend to make you more oily or breakout. In my case, it is milk who triggers the problem, due to
  15. Mikewill

    Only Problem With The Acne.org Instructions

    Like I have said before, I have been using acne products nearly my whole life. Thats why I get picky when I see awkward product instructions requesting excessive use of a product. This is exactly what has happened with the Acne.org kit. Its directions are somewhat too... massive to follow. For example, I understand that BP should be applied generously over affected areas, but as I have seen, the instructions beg you to ramp up the dosage at full blast even when in doubt. That means you'll use wa