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    Ive been playing the drums for about 2-3 years, im a beginner guitar play, I play video gmes, im at high school. You know, just normal boy stuff.
  1. Hi guys (dont mean to hijack thread but I figured maybe I shouldnt create a whole new thread for it) Would I be right in saying Eucerin is non-com? because I will go buy some tomorow if its that reccomended lol EDIT: With a little bit of searching, I found my answer lol
  2. Lolol yeah I figured that lol and yes Dami4n is ace indeed
  3. Wow thankyou so much guys for your kind generosity! Dami4n I'll pm you with that When I posted this , it had been a really long, bad day (with some bad news) and I think that just kinda tipped me a little. Thanks again guys, really appreciated
  4. Yeah I know man, I guess I was just quite p*ssed last night lol, very long day, then that kinda just tipped me off a bit lol Im not sure if is was damadged in shipping though, as theresno damage to the packedging . But yeah, I'm just gonna wait it out lol
  5. Hi guys, I'm sorry to say I just had to write out this email to the people at "clear skin regimin" , I'm not sure if they will reply, but I just needed to put it in writing, and see what you guys thought. "Hi My name is Curtis *******, after being very patient with the intrigration of the new system, having had to have ordered another tube because my orginal order is still 'qued', I finally recieved my tube of bp gel. I opened the packedging only to find the whole envelope was 'filled' with th
  6. EDIT: Issue Resolved. Thanks to those who helped
  7. Quinoderm 5 - %5 I used that for a while was good, till I moved on to CSR gel
  8. Yeah its been about 8-9 days for me, and my order is still qued, I am like in DESPERATE need of it lol, ive gone about 2 days with out, that + 2 days partying, drinking and no sleep has made my skin hit an all time low lol, and I've still got to wait for the shipping time when I stopped being 'qued' I made another order today, just to be on the safe side, but I really hope mine will be one that gets dispatched soon lol
  9. Ok I made this mistake when i first started, and had the same kind of affect First of all STOP EVERYTHING, your skin needs to recover, which may take a couple of days, maybe a bit of light moisturising, but try to keep your skin out of contact with too many chemicals Then start again properly ) and although you will probably have some redness and side affects that come with starting the regimin, but they wil be less severe
  10. ha ha once wen i shaved a bit down there , i forgot to use a clean razor blade ...... i bet u can guess wat happened, but that just cleared up llol its could be A cyst, pretty much all guys get a cyst on there nob at some point of thier life, u may wnt to see a doctor or a nurse bout it. Like everyone says better to be safe etc
  11. Hi guys, i just thought id say, ive been taking an omega 3 and fish oils suppliment and it worked real wonders for my skin try it out sometime
  12. Try using Quinoderm facial wash works wonders for me
  13. Ive noticed chapped lips since switching to Dans BP gel, i doubt its realted tho
  14. You need to break a little seal under the dabber thing, alsways read the instructions I havent started it yet, because my Clear Skin Regimin Gel came through the post But im thinking im gnna start it befor bed, and see how i get on with it