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  1. BeautifulCRYS

    Need Some Help/advice?

    I would suggest Accutane.....its working for me. I used to hate my cystic ance!
  2. I am not my acne!!!!! ;-)

    1. BeautifulCRYS


      Thanks for these kind words!!!! Today I came to work with no makeup on and just kept looking in the mirror at my scars. I have to realize that my beauty over shadow my scars. )
    2. BeautifulCRYS

      Katie's Claravis Log

      Hang in there!! I started he medicine last week and I am on 60mg.
    3. BeautifulCRYS

      My Acne Story

      Where do I start???????? I have been suffering with acne for 20 years. I can remember getting my first pimple...it was on my nose!!! (Terrible...omg!!!) I was 10 years old in the 5th grade...one of my class mates asked me what it was and I told her it was a mosquitoe bite. I was soo embarrassed. My acne continued in high school. I was prescribed soo many medicines. I had very bad breakouts. I would wear a bang just to cover 1/3 of the pimples. I was prescribed Accutane months before m
    4. BeautifulCRYS

      Pre Accutane (Scar/Breakout Gallery)

      These pictures were taken one day before taking accutane. Before accutane I was taking an antibiotic...but my face didn"t show it!!!!
    5. BeautifulCRYS


      This picture is taken a day before taking Accutane
    6. BeautifulCRYS

      Right Side

      This picture is taken a day before taking Accutane
    7. BeautifulCRYS

      Left Side

      This picture is taken a day before taking Accutane.