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  1. From personal experience my friend....I'm 6', not dark, but I'd say pretty handsome, and my gf would agree. Imagine being in your shoes, but then going off to college, knowing NO ONE, and having acne, and by acne I mean moderately/severe acne. You have 3 options: 1) you can be your normal, confident, self-assured way that you were around your family, where you know youre loved and can be your true person 2) you can be shy, quiet, introverted, and self conscious because you think every singl
  2. I've been just cleansing and moisturizing in the AM, and cleansing, moisturizing, and using either the proactiv clay or retin-a on the areas where I see spots starting/see spots there. I tend to use the clay if the skin is pretty dry, retin-a if it's hydrated. i'm readjusting to the florida climate, so that requires some time and may help keep me less dry than northern winter. internally, i still take erythromyacin, and I take a fenugreek supplement, cod liver and fish oils, zinc, and have t
  3. I was horrible at looking at this and keeping up with it the past month over break. I can say the following: @starlite, I dont use any hair care products except a 2 in 1 shampoo/conditioner from head and shoulders. So I'm not thinking its that, because I've been using it for close to 8 years now. Detergent I never thought about..... in terms of rice protein vs whey, i was in an exercise science lab this summer at my university, and we found that rice protein is far inferior to whey in term
  4. @onefatalgoose, I use shaving cream. I use sensitive skin gilette brand. I haven't switched to anything you've mentioned yet because these past couple weeks have been crunch time/finals week (this week) so once i'm home for winter break, it will be a lot easier. BUT...with the toner, I literally would use just that, and nothing else, and it would keep me clear and moisturized? and if I did become dry, what would I do to fix it? the rose hip oil? I use muscletech whey protein. It has wh
  5. Thank you for the link gingergirl22. Onefatalgoose, we have an inbox trail. I'm updating with a picture. My routine the past couple weeks: clinique cleanser (Am/pm) dermologica active moist (my favorite moisturizer, I used to use it a lot til I switched to coconut oil and I'm back) [am/pm] in the pm, retin-a if it's a painful/deep spot, clay if it's more mild/not too dry. brown sugar exfoliation when I shave, before and after, lightly pressing. let me know what you guys think
  6. I hope all of yall had a fantastic thanksgiving! @gingergirl22: could you post the link to the green gables post? I searched briefly but couldn't find it. For spot-treatment, I take a TEENY little bit of retin-a and put it on any painful spots, or any spots that aren't over dried. if something is peeling, I WONT put any there because it's already dry. Lately, I've used more clay than retin-a, clay I feel like doesn't dry as horribly and I use a small amount. Spotthedifference really drilled
  7. i have done the following: clinique cleanser (am/pm) coconut oil (am/pm) retin-a spot treat (3-4x a week) OR proactiv clay mask spot treat (on days I dont use retin-a). I usually alternate. I just started that this week. Before, it was strictly retin-a I haven't touched ACV/baking soda because of how dry my skin had been around my chin. I started doing the brown sugar exfoliation before and after I shave (once a week), just as spotthedifference instructed, and I use the calming mask o
  8. here it is, 2 week update. any improvement? I dont think so, but i'm a harsh critic
  9. I got a lot to reply to, so I'll take it chronologically. @skinnie, I have discussed shaving with him. he said try to get a bumper guard? razor. it tends to be a more...ethnic...thing if you catch my drift. so theyre not really located in my area and I'm not so sure where to get them. Taz made me feel like i went in circles. I stuck with it for a year, and nothing really improved except that I was red all the time. I've read that coconut oil, provided its cold pressed, unrefined, organic,
  10. @gingergirl22, I started about 5 weeks ago, however, since about the time I started this thread, the baking soda (or something) dried out my chin really really badly to the point of me needing some form of moisturizer every few hours or i'd look like i was super dry and flaky. I cracked a little bit and i had whiteheads galore. its FINALLY starting to calm down. so since then, i've really only used the coconut oil, the clinique cleanser, and occasional retin-a. I mainly break out around my mo
  11. hella dry skin by my chin and nothing helping...

    1. @gingergirl, so I should just dilute the ACV even if it says on the bottle 5% by volume ACV? and just rinse my face with it? I feel like it would make my face too acidic if not balanced but its pH is ~4.25-5.0 so thats not too bad @spotthedifference, keep me updated on that soap. I'm willing to try something that probably will work. should I try to use enough coconut oil that feels like it's not enough, the way you are with bio oil? I feel like i probably use too much and i dont know if th
    2. I'm a chem major, so I get what you are saying. what do you suggest then? ACV to neutralize the pH? or just something else entirely?