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    My Regimen Journey
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    @amoxilworx but would i have to do it again for my night time routine?
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    For all the ladies out there..or gents who use makeup...who are also on the regimen.. Can anyone suggest any good drugstore foundations for oily skin, that can cover up really well, but not really heavy or clog up my pores or affect the healing process. I've been using Loreal True Match foundation, no significant problems for me, but if you guys can suggest any, that would be great! or is loreal true match even a good foundation for this situation..? And just speaking of makeup, i know it's no
  4. This is totally random, and probably even stupid. but how do i go about sleeping? Ever since I started the regimen, i have been trying to keep my face away from almost everything and so conscious about what touches my face, but when it comes to sleeping, sleeping straight, face looking up is just so uncomfortable, and i haven't been getting a good night sleep because of it. I mean, is it okay to sleep on my side with my face buried in the pillow? I feel like it's just going to affect the healin
  5. So I have almost reached my first week on the acne.org regimen, and I've done research on what to expect on the first week, which includes excessive drying and burning sensations when bp is applied. However, I have not experienced the excessive drying that everyone seems to be talking about nor have I experienced the sting once i apply bp. My face itches once in awhile and only a little bit of drying. I'm on my 5th day and i have already been using one full pump of bp night and day..maybe even a