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    Update 11/22/13

    So far nothings change with my skin. I know I said I'd do updates nightly but I didn't have all my products for my routine yet so I didn't update anything. While I was waiting for my Lush order I was using coconut oil as a cleanser and it didn't really help or hurt. The rest of my products just came today. I was a little surprised because I didn't get any samples with my lush order. There was a comments box that you could request samples in but I didn't request anything because I like to be surp
  2. Hello, Let me start off by telling you a little bit about me. I'm 15 and I've had acne since I was 10. It has gotten really bad in the past year and a half. I've been trying a bunch of different "cures" trying to find something that works for me. I have tried OTC products, prescription products, and some all natural stuff. I can't find anything that works for me. I have a bunch of scarring and quite a bit of active breakouts. Here are my before pictures: Yeah... its gotten bad. Like so ba
  3. BP doesn't work for me. I think I'm allergic to it or something. All it does is make my skin extremly dry and red which isn't normal for my skin because I don't have very sensitive skin. Even at a low percentage like 2.5% it messes up my skin. Like I said I'm doing the SA peels and they don't even make my skin as close to as red and flaky as BP does. I've done them as often as 3 times a week without any problems so its not because my skin is too sensitive. I've already ditched soda. I can't drin
  4. Okay so I'm 15 and I've had acne since I was like 10... it really sucks. It has left me with no self confidence at all. I've gotten bullied for it and I literally can hardly look in the mirror without wanting to cry its gotten so bad. I need some kind of help... nothing works for me. I've tried natural remedies like the caveman regimen, african black soap, tons of homeade masks, and the OCM. I've tried some lush products, proactiv, and all the drugstore brands. A nurse told me to try just plain
  5. To me they look like pimples under scars from past pimples. I have those too. I'm not sure how much it will help you but something that could help are salicylic acid peels. I ordered a kit from amazon for only about $20. it was 20% SA and had some tea tree oil and lactic acid in it. I don't think I've been using it long enough to really tell the difference but I think it has helped some. The good thing about it is that it doesn't really make your skin peel like a lot of other peels do. It may ma
  6. Okay so I guess you could say what I'm doing for my acne is a version of the regimen. I've been doing it for like a little less than a week and its really clearing up my skin. What I'm doing is washing with luna black soap with shea butter unscented for like 10 seconds in lukewarm water then letting my face dry for about 10 minutes then putting about a quarter size amount of proactivs step 2 (its 2.5% bp) and letting that dry then using an olay moisterizer mixed with olive oil and loading that o
  7. I have been to a dermatologist. they put me on minocycline which made me so dizzy I couldn't even stand up and then they tried to get me to go on accutane but my mom wont let me go on it because she was on it before and she said it was awful
  8. Okay so I have had mild acne since I was like 10 or 11 and now I'm 14 and its gotten so bad I can't even walk out of my bedroom without makeup on and no matter how much makeup I wear you can still see the redness and acne through it. Its so embarrassing because I'm a dancer so at like competitions I have to take off my makeup because I'll be wearing like costume makeup and I'll have to change it to a different character or something and take it all off and I've had people ask me if it was an all
  9. Okay so I'm 14 and I have pretty bad acne for my age. I just started a generic version of retin-a. I've just past the 1 week mark and I had been using it every 3 nights and now I bump it up to every 2 nights then every other night and if i dont have too much irratation im supposed to use it every night. I'm taking one a day womens multivitamin too becuase it has vitamins and minerals that are supposed to help with acne. my derm just gave me the perscription and didn't really tell me much info be
  10. I'm taking minocyclien but I'm only on it for 16 days, Is it just me or does it taske really bad?
  11. I've never even heard of it but It probably takes a few nights for something like this to clear cysts. Its probably just like little whiteheads that it heals overnight. All of those ingredients are proven to clear acne so I would keep using it and see what happen.
  12. I'm not sure if it works or not but I'm just started using it. You know how it bubbles when it is killing infections? yeah well my whole face was bubbleing when I put it on. I feel like thats a good thing and its killing the bateria. I popped a few zits and put it on them and they are already flat, they just have a little scab thing that goes away in like a week.
  13. I don't know if its gone away yet or not but what you can do is stick a little needle sidways under only the top layer od skin and kind of lift the needle up so it give the medication acess to the actual infection instead of sitting on top of the skin. I do this all the time. It either pops it a the pus and infection comes out or it just lets you get medication in it. After I do this I put hydrogen peroxide all over that area and it normally goes away pretty quick
  14. I'm on minocycline right now. I only take 100 for 16 days though. Is 16 days going to hurt me?
  15. Okay I'm 14 and my acne has been really bad in the past couple months. I'm seriously so embarrassed to do anything. I'm even embarrassed being around my family. I'm sick and tired of my acne and trying so many products. This is gonna be my little acne diary type thing so I can update about changes and look back to see what works and what doesn't. Below is a list of things I've tried. Caveman Regimen Proactiv Clearisel Urine Therepy Lush Products Elf zit zapper OCM and probably a lot more
  16. I don't eat as bad as most other kids my age but I don't eat that great either. I try not to drink anything but water and I drink 8-16 cups of water a day. I don't eat organic or anything but most of the time I eat pretty healthy. I'm not using the retin-a yet. I'm trying oxy maximun strength daily face wash now because of so many great reviews on it. I'll update in about a week.
  17. Okay so I'm 14 and yeah... I'm a girl. A couple months ago I went on proavtiv and it cleared my skin for like a week then it started to come back. I did some research and decided to do the whole no wash caveman thing and that really didn't do anything besides make my face extremly flaky. I did the Ocm for about a week after that and it made my skin worse. Now I'm back on proactiv and its not helping much. Its making new zits shrink faster but thats about it. My sister has some retin-a that we go
  18. I had the same results with it. Thanks for sharing your results. Unfortionatly my acne is everywhere but mostly on my chin, right cheeck, and forehead. I went back to using proactiv cause thats the best thing I've tried so far
  19. I just saw your post now, but thank you that is helpful. It's frustrating because my skin has certainly improved on the surface, but the sensitivity is a real issue and I'm not sure that what I'm doing now is right for the recovery of my skin. For example, this evening it's about 0 degrees Celsius outside, and just going outside in that temperature for like 20 minutes makes my face get really red and raw. I'm pretty nervous about trying the caveman, but I guess if I'm as healthy as possible a
  20. I think you should at least try the caveman. The oils you are using right now are confusing your body. It is thinking it has enough moisture so it isn't purducibg it's own moisture while the oils just moisturize the outer layers. That is what is causing the flakiness. It takes about a month to adjust to the caveman. I really think you should stop messing with your skin and let it heal itself. Besides the oils you. Are using dont match your skins ph which whacks up your skin
  21. Sorry I haven't been updating! I've been busy. I think I mentioned that I dance before.. We had a dress rehearsal for our Christmas show and I had to wear a lot of makeup. I ended up using water to wash it off... That didn't take it off so I used a face wash... Well it made the dead skin mask really noticeable and I had to put mAkeup on again afterward because my skins was really red so I used a harsh sugar scrub... Big mistake. The next few days my mom was asking me why my face was breaking out
  22. Before this I was using proactiv! Its probably one of the worst things to just stop completly but I did it and I didn't have any huge breakout. Sorry for the lack of pictures... I've been really busy. I think I'll just post pictures like when I'm halfway throught the 30 days and at the end of the 30 days then update it every so often. Right now my face is healing really good! Those 2 really red zits are fading and everything is just less inflamed. The clogged pores are starting to go away. The
  23. Okay so day 2 is officially coming to a close. I'll just review the day a little so you guys know what all I did. So the eating healthy thing isn't going to good. I had a ton of candy and sugar. My dinner was pretty healthy though! I had a salad:) I seriously ate a kit kat for breakfast. I'm not feeling to good probably from all the candy. I put a little makeup on today to try and cover some of the zits because I had dance with people this time. Last night it was just a private so it didn't matt
  24. Okay thanks. Ive read about it pretty much but thanks for explaining the whithead part. I probably would have popped them all and made everything worse. I still shower but I dont get my face wet... is that still okay? I'm only doing it to my face becasue the rest of my skin is fine.
  25. I'm just starting this but I'll try to get back to you after 30 days. Some people it takes more than 30 days. You aren't supposed to take the skin off because you are supposed to let your body do it