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  1. Hey everyone, I just wanted to share my journey on accutane so far. The kinf of acne I thought I had was sever. I had big cysts in between my eyebrows, that was the most common place, a couple on my foehead, and the random one or two one my cheeks. The rest of my cheeks got very bad with multiple, up to 10 at a time, whiteheads that got really swollen and red. Covering them up made it look worse and turned them purple. Jump to December when I went to my very first dermatologist visit. H
  2. I have been looking for accutane cheap online and in my local pharmacies and cant find it cheaper than 600. which is outrageous! no insurance and no certified online pharmacies carry it. help would be great.
  3. Went to the derm yesterday and immediately he gave me the choice of accutane and of course I'm going to take it. Next month I go in again and get my first perscription. I'm very excited!
  4. My acne has gotten worse since those photos here are current ones from today.
  5. I know my health is good I work at a gym and work out and eat very good nothing about my diet has changed I know for a fact. Hormones might be a cause but I havent seen a female for some time. I have been scarring not after every pi ple but the occasional one will scar mostly cheeks and in between my eye brows. I hated the retin-a all it did for about 4 months was make my skin super dry and constantly peeling I dont think it worked at all. My dad had bad cystic acne which I get but only between
  6. Not that I know of. I've done full system cleanses and cut dairy out for a while and everything seemed the same. And no medicines only small amount of anitbiotics if I get really sick. Is Retin-A the only retinoid you've tried? What about benzoyl peroxide? Have you tried any topical antibitiotics? Have you had a hormone test and if yes, did you have abnormal results? Yes it is. Benzoyl peroxide and retina have only made things worse for me. Topical antibiotics such as what? Ive had tests and n
  7. I've done almost all natural treatments I could think of ex: tto, honey, oatmeal, sea salt, vitamins, majority of washes, creams, scrubs you can buy at the store, microdermabrasion treatments, retin-a, epiduo, birth control, glycolic peels, ocm, only water to wash with. So quite a bit. I don't really want to take antibiotics because more than likely I'll have to stay on them for years and years and I've read numerous times that they stop working after a while. Also I've been taking maximum gree
  8. No im overall very healthy I eat right and excercise often. Do you think accutane is even an option?
  9. Hey everybody. Returning user here. My acne has gotten very very bad lately I havent had a day in a few months where I have had less then 15 spots/scars/scabs on my face. Wondering if this would be considered severe, moderate, or mild pictures below. I also have about 5 pitted scars, small but ugly. I have a dermatologist appointment in Decmber, so pretty far away. Would accutane be right for me? I've been leaning that way for probably the last two years but only until now made an appointm