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  1. JennyLG

    One Year On Spironolactone!

    Hitting my one year anniversary and I couldn't be happier. My skin barely breaks out, and if it does, it's a tiny clogged pore and is gone within 2 days. I haven't had a cyst in a really really long time, I can't even remember when. Such a drastic difference from last year -- I would literally have 4-5 large painful cystic breakouts on my chin and cheeks at all times. Dermatologist visits happened almost weekly, so I could get them injected with cortisone to ease the swelling. I'm so happy I stu
  2. JennyLG

    8 Months On Spironolactone

    It wasn't on my jawline, it was widespread around my cheeks (under my cheekbones kind of) and on my chin, either on the right or left under my mouth. From what I understand, spiro will only help hormonal acne, but if you're 18 or older I think it's worth trying. I saw great results even after my dermatologist told me repeatedly the only course of action was accutane. I was on antibiotics for a long time and used every topical under the sun. Spiro is the only thing that helped. Good luck with you
  3. JennyLG

    8 Months On Spironolactone

    It's been a while since my last post... mostly because I hardly have to worry about my skin anymore! I've been taking spiro for over 8 months and have never been happier. I'm still using tretinoin cream at night and moisturize with cerave PM. In the morning I use cerave AM. That's all! Every other day I use St. Ives apricot scrub to help clear away the dead skin from the retin-a. I stopped using all benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid products. They made my face much more inflamed and irritated
  4. JennyLG

    Days 1-10 On Spironolactone

    I can't remember exactly... but within a month I noticed a big difference. Within 2 months my skin was much softer and smoother, I didn't have to blot with oil removers during the day, my makeup stayed in place and I could wash my hair every other day instead of every day. Hope that helps!
  5. Can't believe it's been 6 months! I started taking spiro back on October 23, 2012. Time flies. I've had ups and downs, and here are my latest thoughts: -- Spiro is great at keeping hormonal levels in check. In addition to a birth control pill that is low in androgens, I 100% think spiro is a great option for women who struggle with acne brought on by stress, PMS etc. -- Spiro does not make miracles happen. Don't get me wrong, it helped A LOT, but I also learned that there were other underly
  6. JennyLG

    Days 1-10 On Spironolactone

    Pretty much! I'm about to post a new update with more detail, but in general the spiro did a great job keeping my hormonal acne away.
  7. JennyLG

    Day 98 On Spironolactone -- Clear For The 3 Month Mark!

    The spiro only helped with the deep cystic type acne that was caused by stress, PMS etc. a topical retinoid has cleared up my pores really well, I use tretinoin and its great for that. Just be sure to also use a moisturizer night and day since those products can dry out your skin (which leads to more breakouts, at least in my experience).
  8. JennyLG

    Day 98 On Spironolactone -- Clear For The 3 Month Mark!

    Glad to hear you're seeing improvements! I would definitely recommend hanging in there, there were more than a few days I felt like it was hopeless and my skin was getting worse, and I think it just really does take 3 months or more to fully adjust. I'm sure you'll feel just as good in another month
  9. Feeling GREAT about my skin... finally! My derm and my doctor both said to let the spiro work for 3 months and then reevaluate my progress once my body and hormones have been able to adjust. At this point, this is the best my skin has looked in years. I'm absolutely amazed. There's not even one spot underneath my skin -- before I would have cysts forming every few days that I could feel when I washed my face. And now my entire face feels smooth. I went through some ups and downs, and I think it
  10. JennyLG

    Day 88 On Spironolactone

    Almost at the 3 month mark. Still experiencing some ups and downs. Have a larger outbreak below my nose (weird spot!) that sucks, but in general the spiro seems to be helping in terms of the severity. Any cyst-like outbreak shrinks must faster and tends to not even come to a head. It will just be a big bump under my skin for a few days, become a little red, then slowly vanish (as long as I don't pick, which I have gotten SOO much better at!). I started having more whiteheads and blackheads, w
  11. Hi NJ mom! I've been getting those types of injections since September and have never had any major issues at all. If anything, they are like magic for reducing the size of cysts. Within 6-10 hours of getting it, the spot is generally flat. Within 2 days, all redness is gone (as long as I don't pick at it!) and it's totally clear. I wouldn't worry about it being a mistake at all. 1. My skin has only "dented" once, it was a spot on my chin that had an abnormally large inflamed cyst and she pu
  12. Happy New Year! 2013 didn't start out as I hoped it would. Just got back from the derm and had to get 3 more spots injected with cortisone to reduce the inflammation and swelling. What the heck happened?? Well, I was wondering that too, since I was on such an awesome path with the spiro. Like anyone who has ever struggled with acne, or any kind of medical issue for that matter, I've googled a bajillion "solutions" to the problem. There are a lot of theories out there, most are a little crazy, bu
  13. Well that last post was quite a doozy. Thankfully my skin took a turn for the better after that.... The areas I was freaking out about on my chin are completely GONE now! I think I overreact a bit when I see something forming because of how bad my cysts were before I started spiro, and I'm so scared that it will revert back to that. But finishing month 2, I can honestly say this is the most confident I've been regarding my skin in a long long time! Still have lots of red marks and "scars" that w
  14. JennyLG

    Please Help!distress!

    Hey! I'm 28 and on month 2 of spiro. I don't think you're throwing your hormones out of whack with that medication, the only thing it's doing is blocking certain receptors of testosterone-inducing hormones. Those are the "bad" kind of hormones for women since those levels spike (before your period, when you're stressed, etc.) they cause your oil glands to pump out waaay too much junk that in turn creates acne. The spiro isn't changing your estrogen levels, it's only blocking "bad" hormones.
  15. Thanks for the encouragement!! I'm sorry you're struggling with the same thing, but I agree, it's comforting to know that I'm not the only one who feels that way. The good news is that I did see positive effects from the spiro after just 2 weeks. I've tried every single other thing except for accutane, and so far spiro has been the absolute best thing! And the last 2 months really did fly by, so before you know it you'll hit the 3 month mark and hopefully see huge improvements Good luck and kee