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  1. Sorry for the absence but alot has happened in the past two weeks. First off, i went to my college orientation that lasted a couple of days where i had to stay on campus. With that being said, i couldnt bring my aloe, charcoal tablets, sugar, clay and etc with me and to do it each night. When it was over i had my wisdom teeth taken out and i didn't follow up on the skin care routine with that happening. So i didnt do it for a whole week, and since my wisdom teeth were taken out ive been taking 5
  2. After I was my face with just water I: • use a mixture of activated charcoal capsules(3 of them), sugar, and aloe vera gel and exfoliate for a minute or two and leave on as a mask for 5 mins and rinse off •wash my face with my facial soap, I use asepxia neutral soap which contains salicylic acid and glycolic acid. •use a mixture of aztec healing clay (which is calcium bentonite clay), lemon juice, and apple cider vinegar. I leave it on for an hour and wash off with hot water. •once my face
  3. My scars are fading, whitewhead galore stopped happening as did the initial breakout, and my acne hasn't been coming in full force and so often anymore! I cant believe just a couple months ago i had severe acne that was persistent since my freshman year of high school. Im starting college in late August and I have regained so much confidence I once had before. I really do think the zinc is the cause of the acne not coming back since it is the only thing I am taking internally for acne. As for th
  4. First off my scars are healing. You know i am seeing progress when i i have to literally get up and close on the mirror and try to find them. people say they use aloe vera for their acne and the scars to. i cant personally say whether it is healing my acne but it definitely is helping my scar a lot. if i knew i could get this result i wouldn't have wasted my time( or money) on prescription drugs like tretinion that were supposed to help that. second the amount of whiteheads im getting is dec
  5. Also!!!!!! Im taking zinc 50mgs once a day. I forgot to mention that, im sure thats why im at whitehead overload because supposedly theres a purge thing with zinc but I think its helping along with the rest of the routine
  6. Hi Leanna, I did a blog post on what my regimen but since I have modified it a bit I'm more than happy to mention it again 1. Prewash my face with water: preferably warm to help with opening pores. 2. Activated Charcoal scrub/mask: initially I started using only activated charcoal and aloe Vera gel but It wasnt a good exfoliation alone, so I added sea salt but I feel that sea salt is harsh for my skin so as of now it is... 3 activated charcoal capsules, 1 tbs of brown sugar, 1/2 a tbs of al
  7. I didnt feel the need to post if there werent any significant changes so sorry for being MIA. I have whiteheads all over my cheeks! why am I happy about that? Because I ONLY have Whiteheads and its ONLY on my cheeks. If you read my other posts from when I started I would get cysts, those red one that you could feel your heart beat in and feel inflamed, regular zitz and they would be on my forehead or on my cheeks or my nose or under my chin or the jawline...well you get the idea. I haven't se
  8. I'm noticing more whiteheads coming up to the surface of my skin. Since its still the beginning im sure it will go away by next week. Also the zinc might being pushing it out from the inside since I've read that it could do that.
  9. Not much to say here. I have noticed that im getting more breakouts due to the masks im using. Before I forget I forgot to mention that I am also taking zinc supplements for acne. I heard people say that it balances hormones and help clear acne so fingers crossed.
  10. All I have at the moment is a webcam and its not very good, quality wise. My acne scars dont show up since I already have a darker complexion and you can only see some of my acne. There's no point if you guys cant see a good before and after. If I had a better worker camera I definitely would have.
  11. Before I get into my first experience with this I would like to state that I'm only doing at night. in the mornings all I do is wash my face with my soap and then apply the Aloe Vera Gelly by Lily of the Dessert and go on with my day. Step 1: pre wash with water. not much to say on this, I just found it easier to exfoliate in the next step by using hot water in this step. Step 2: Charcoal and aloe vera gelly exfoliator. First thing, this gets very messy. before I mix the 2 together I spray
  12. HI! MY routine is as follows: Step 1 prewash: I wash my face with only water for about 15-20 seconds. Step 2 exfoliation/mask: I make my own exfoliation using activated charcoal tablets and aloe vera gel. about 3 pills/ tablets depending what size you bought, make a guess on how much will cover your face. I exfoliate for about 2-3 minutes and leave it on for 5 minutes and then rinse off. step 3: wash my face with a soap. you can use whatever you like, I personally use Asepxia neutral soa
  13. Hello, welcome to my new blog. Basically I will share the new skin care routine I will be trying and share whether or not it is helping me. First I will get into a little backstory on my acne experience. I started breaking out during my spring break of freshman year when I was 14. before I did have one or two at a time, but this was way worse. I came back from break with breakouts literally everywhere on my face. it was al over my cheeks, my chin, my jawline, and along my eyebrows. at that ti
  14. even if you took the medication before and stopped, and then take it again, you will go through the effects all over again. its sorta like you never did it the first time, because your body took that time off it. give it another go and see what happens this time. im kinda in the same boat as you. ive been o it for 5 months it cleared it up at first but now im breaking out again in cystc acne and white heads. Im planning on going off of it because it made my skin worse in a way. the initial break
  15. I went to Walgreens and tried to find the freeman lemon and mint mask but all they had were the cucumber pee and avocado mask. I also went to Walmart and they didn't have any mask. I was wondering if anyone can tell me where they found the Lemon and Clay mask or anyother Freeman Mask and The Aztec Healing clay mask I believe its called.