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  1. Could you please put the severe acne page back though....
  2. Accutane isnt worth it. Try acnefree sulphur mask, itll calm down the irritation. if you are in europe try zeniac lp fort, it works miracles but it hurts pretty bad
  3. Im 15, and have one of the worst cases of acne most people have ever seen (even on the internet there are only maybe 1 or 2 pics which are worse)... And unfortunately, I am a boy and cannot where makeup. So I totally know what your going through. My mom wont let me take accutane either. People constantly stare at me and I feel like shit basically 24/7. It ruins everything that used to be fun for me, and I am so much less social than I used to be. However, it makes me feel better knowing that eve
  4. I wouldn't call this severe acne, but a try a spot treatment like the acnefree terminator. it will work
  5. thanks for the help but there is no way (literally 0 chance) of them changing their minds. I guess its for the better though. And i took them just like you said, its just my acne is really severe and really stubborn. I will try PDT, because I have heard that it works better for severe acne, and most people who didnt have a good experience with it just had light acne.
  6. Well I mean I have tried 3 antiobiotics, bp, and all that stuff and nothing works. and accutane my parents wont let me take either even if i wanted to take it... so there pretty much is nothing left lol
  7. Does anyone know if this will work? I really could care less about the fact that it will hurt and my face will peel, but I do care that it is expensive and I just want to know if it is a sham or not. I was prescribed accutane, however, decided against it and I have tried everything else, so this is sort of my last resort...
  8. Hi so I have tried everyhting and nothing worked, and i was prescribed accutane for me extremely severe cystic acne, however i will not take it because i dont likethe side effects. i was thinking about taking pdt but i have a few questions: 1) Will it work (I hear it works better for severe acne so i guess thats good)? 2) How painful is it? 3) Am I guaranteed an extremely red face and for how many days?
  9. I wouldn't really call it cystics and if it makes you feel better, it really does not look that bad to me Try the acnefree sulphur mask, its great! Also try some light antibiotics like doxycyline or minocycline those do not have bad side effects and can be effective!
  10. So ive made posts before. Basically, my entire right cheek,left cheek, chin, forehead, neck etc is covered in acne and painful nodules. It is so severe, I have never seen anyone with worse acne, even in pictures. My parents won't let me go on accutane, i have tried all over the counter stuff, and a bunch of antibiotics, even b5 (which i knew was a scam from the start but i was willing to try anything.) I am now taking beta carotene because it is vitamin a and it is similar to accutane, howev
  11. Try some 10 % Benzoyl Peroxide spot treatment. Then, take a painkiller. It will reduce inflammation
  12. Common antibiotics subscribed are minocycline and doxycycline. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't and they mainly have less severe side effects
  13. I realize this topic is old, but I have acne almost identical to yours. I am going on accutane, however, I haved used Zeniac LP FORTE for a couple months and it is truly a miracle cream. It hurts like crazy when you put it in, but it is great. Unfortunately, I think it is only available in Europe. I also recommend you order glytone as a facewash, and you could try vitamin b5? it didnt work for me but i hear its great for some people
  14. I weigh 130 so I am supposed to take 60 mg (according to dermtv) I have etremeley severe cystic acne and im curious as to 40 mg is to low?