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  1. Thank you! Maybe that's my problem, that I don't use the cerave foaming cleanser. The one I use kinda just lathers on and doesn't remove anything! Thank you I'll look into the jojoba oil! I'm kinda nervous to use oil on my face though. Have you been using this for a while?
  2. Hello everyone.. I have been on quite a trip with acne, as most of you have. I am now 23 and have been dealing with this for about 4 years now. I did have previous success with the combination of doxycycline and epiduo gel. Then after bring acne free for about 6 months. It all came back :/ I've currently been on this combination for ALMOST 3 months now; orthotricyclen(birth control), spironolactone, and differin gel. So far, it's been shaky. My problem is, I wear a full coverage foundation (Mac
  3. Thank you do much! I took your advice for the routine if it and I have been using the spot corrector after the epiduo for about two weeks now and it hasn't broken me out! Also, for any other acne scar/pigmentation sufferers, this specific corrector has been helping me and its only been two weeks! Now I have to work on my icepick scars :/
  4. Hey all, I have seen much improvement from epiduo use. Today I purchased an $80 dark spot corrector from sephorA. Can I use the two together? If so, which do I apply first? Should I apply my medicine then wait an hour or so for applying the dark spot corrector???
  5. Hey I didn't use the regimen, but I've been using epiduo for almost 5 weeks now and the same happened to me. By the 4th week I was SO happy, but all of a sudden I too am breaking out in random areas and its so disheartening :/ I'm 22 female as well.. So I'm looking for the same feedback you are! Fingers crossed girl..
  6. Hey idk if this will be helpful or not but I felt compelled to write to you because I too have NO clue if my acne is hormonal, stress related, diet related idk! I was considering spiro too, but am currently on doxycycline and epiduo, so I wanna give them more time first. Also, I'm 22 female. And I too, experienced a horrible horrible breakup this year and literally like 15 days after us when my acne went to its all time worst! Coincidence? Idk! But do frustrating.. I wish you the best through, a
  7. Hey I just wanted to say to stay positive and stuck to your regimen! I am not doing ANY of the things you are, but I am highly convinced that my acne has something to do with my GI problems. Funny enough, I have an appointment with my GI doctor tomorrow morning and the last time I was there, she told me my blood work showed early signs of celiac, but that I didn't need to alter my diet just get. But maybe tomorrow I will talk more to her about going gluten free, to benefit both my stomach and my
  8. I 100% agree with you and I REALLY wish I had your attitude! I work out a lot, but do you recommend other ways to relieve stress and help stay positive?? I don't really have other hobbies
  9. You've been on it for that long and your seeing no results!? I would make an appt ASAP !!
  10. Thanks for the advice! My derm actually ended up switching me to epiduo and doxycycline at my last appointment cuz she didn't think I was making the progress that I should have been! Fingers crossed
  11. Hey we'll that's good to hear that you have a good connection with your derm!! And ironically enough, my derm switched my meds completely at my last appointment cuz she agreed that I shouldn't still have been breaking out! Now I am on epiduo and doxycycline once a day! I think I'm seeing improvement as I'm about 2.5 weeks deep, fingers crossed!!
  12. Well, oddly enough.. I haven't taken the birth control for 4 days or so now and I feel like my skin is improving! Coincidence? Now for all I know it may just be that the epiduo and doxycycline are kicking in, but I'm not jinxing myself so I'm gonna stay off the loestren to be safe! Thanks again though and I'm glad you found something that works for you! I will talk to my Gyno in a month I two about your suggested bc's!!!!
  13. The same thing happens with me! So, the past few nights I have NOT been moisturizing at night time after epiduo. I hope that us not a bad idea.. I just sleep over night, wake up wash face then moisturizer! You making any progress???
  14. Secretsky, thank you so much for the advice! I hope your right and I will talk to my gyno about the orthotricyclone! Our stories seem to match up! Spotthedifference, thanks for the input! But, I'm already I workout nut lol! I work at a gym and workout about 2 hours a day for stress relief, health and fitness reasons.. I agree with you about the increase in endorphins due to exercise!
  15. Woke up feeling like today was gonna be a better day. Just got done crying my eyes out :/ this is the second day in a row. I'm on doxycycline and epiduo for 15 days now. Not seeing an ounce of hope yet. It's hard to be patient though. I've been patient for years now. Especially when my sister is absolutely beautiful and doesn't wear an ounce of makeup and can just hop out if the shower and be on get way. That's what bothers me the most, the feeling that I can't just go out of the house feeling c
  16. I lash out at family all the time and they are the sweetest most kind and loving people ever :/ I've said over and over dont get me a single thing for Christmas because I don't deserve anything thanks acne
  17. Ahh we'll I'm praying bc is the culprit! Because I'm petrified that when I wean off the topical and doxy that it'll come back! Fingers crossed. Does it come back for everyone do you know? It is it 50/50???
  18. Again, thank you so much you're very helpful! But, I did give my derm a call yesterday Nd informed her that I started taking the bc the same time as the topical, which is when it began to solely worsen, so she suggested that I lay off the birth control for a little while and see if changes occur. She said it was my call, so I have til 11:30 to decide if I wanna take it when my med alarm goes off on my phone! Lol I mean, I have never been on bc in my entire life, and never had this issue til now
  19. My derm told me not to bother with aloe beta, but I beg to differ!! Would anyone suggest vitamin c peels or facials for scars? And if so, Are they safe when you are currently on topical and oral medication?? Should I ask my derm first? Aloe vera***
  20. Yaritza1, I'm glad you understand! Trust me there have been plenty of parties that I missed out on due to acne and I really kick myself for it. To my other responders, thank you. I will try to keep those tips in mind. I know stress has ALOT to do with my acne because my stress level is through the roof! It's difficult to 'not stress' though, ya know?? Luckily christmas break starts tomorrow and I quit my one if two jobs so hopefully I can use this month to relax, catch up on sleep and just have
  21. Yes I've been to one number outs times the past two years, mostly because I never waited anything out long enough to see if it worked. But most recently, I was on ziana gel for over 2 months but my derm took me off it cuz it took me from mild to moderate acne. Now I am on epiduo and doxycycline once a day. What do you think? Any knowledge on the 2?
  22. I feel like I would be an absolutely beautiful girl without my bad skin. And that horrible. Why do I have to think that way?? People keep saying stress makes it worse, but is it just me or us it extremely difficult to NOT stress? Anyone gave tips? I work out everyday but that doesn't decrease my stress level.. I used to love life, but find it difficult now :/ someone please help me? I don't wanna regret the way I live my life due to a physical feature. I never felt this way, probably because my
  23. Yeah if it makes you feel any better, I think you sound quite charming. I'm 23 and completely know how you feel to feel unattractive and like people are not seeing you for you, but like I said I think your personality is very attractive from your post so stay positive and be an inspirational to us all 22***
  24. Yeah, I agree. I think you should def talk to her Monday because all girls love a confident guy! To be honest, most people don't notice acne, especially I'd they don't have it.. If that makes you feel better its true
  25. Agreed. My face looks like shit. It's getting worse every single day I wake up. Like what the fuck its not fair. And I'm also sick to death of people saying 'its not that bad' or 'don't let it get you so upset' ...yeah ok. Yeah people out there have it way worse for other reasons, but nice skinned people seriously don't understand what a luxury it is.. I never vent on here but today was my breaking point.