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  1. Sorry to hear it's come back a bit mate, hopefully it's just temporary but there's always a 2nd course if it comes to that! I'm currently into my 2nd month of treatment (30mg), and I still get a few small spots but on the whole my face is smooth. My problem is that on my left cheek+jaw line (almost exclusively) I have a lot of red marks from the horrible flare up which caused me to go on roaccutane. I can't really see these going during my course from what I've heard, how long did it take fo
  2. I have days where the marks look less angry, and days where they look very angry. I haven't really had a breakout due to accutane, largely thanks to the erythromycin. I had a horrific breakout maybe a month before starting accutane which was actually the sole cause for me going on it. I'm guessing exfoliating etc. is bad while on accutane. On the plus side, my skin feels largely smooth, the smoothest it's felt in a while, it's mainly the facial aesthetics which are bothering me now, not the
  3. So I've been on accutane 30mg for a month now coupled with erythromycin, and the number of new spots I've been getting has vastly decreased, and the ones I do get tend to be small. However, potentially because when I was at my worst a few months ago I was popping around 3-5 new whiteheads most days I have a significant amount of red marks on my cheek. I know your skin's very sensitive on accutane, and I'm just wondering if there's anything I can do to reduce them and/or remove them while on the
  4. I've had moderate to severe acne on my face since I was about 12/13, I'm now 17. My dad had very severe spots while my mum had dry skin, and I appear to have moderately bad versions of both. I'm from the UK. My acne had cleared up fairly well using tetralysal and duac once daily cream once a day (a few spots left on the upper neck), but then I went to a music festival, didn't take any medication, use any creams or even wash my face for 4 days and it got much worse. I've been back on tetra