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  1. DAY 65. WOW i havent updated in like just under a month. Anyways my skin still is breaking out but its almost in a cycle. My old spots heal and i think that the accutane has worked and that i wont get any more spots then i break out again which really annoys me to hell. I have had alot of comments about my facial redness, which tbh i dont think is even that bad and my skin has been peeling alot lately. Oh yeh and like it sed on the pack, my skin has become muxch easier to scratch and mark. The
  2. what a whore, we'll all get together and kill her yeah? we tell her we're showing her the docks. JUST KIDDING but seriously what a cow
  3. I'm on my 2nd month of accutane and still getting brake-outs. Its wierd cus i'll like clear up so i'll look not too bad the all of a sudden 6 or 7 hgue zits Bllody hells its soooo annoying
  4. jesus christ what the hell are u on the internet for, get down to the god damn pharmacy and get some morning after pills. Its someones potential life ur f-ing up as well as ur own and ur bf's.
  5. woh, you propre sound like me in a wierd way. but i think ur 3 - 4 months ahead of me..............lucky you. I got braces and acne (therefore i lookm like a typical teen tosser) and i'm on accutane, so hopefully i'll be dropping a similar post in like 4 months time. GOOD LUCK
  6. DAY 42. The spots on my chin have begin to clear up pretty fast, but alot of red marks will be left over which pisses me off!!!!! Two large cysts on my forehead. Over the last couple of days i have had two pretty bad nose bleeds which i thought had stopped a few weeks ago. Also still got rashes on my arms and slightly tinited red skin tooo. Lips are less dry than before and my skin hasnt been peeling like it used to but most people say that the side effects come and go.
  7. wohh, posting frenzy, i guess its not only me that feels like this. Its wierd how u feel more comfortable around people that share the same problem. The main problem i see is just starting the conco up in the first place, especially when there are loads of other people around. I mean why would that special someone want to talk to you over thier friends/potential bf,gf. I hope that in 6 months time i can dig out this post and say......... thank god accutane worked and thank god i dont have br
  8. You kno the times when your really really down. When you feel lost, unattractive and completely isolated from everyone else even from your family, when u feel like there is NO ONE at all to talk to, i wish i had someone to talk to that would make me feel better and make me feel as if it was all worth it. Even though i love my family and i think my mates are fantastic, i seriously feel alone. I wish i had that special person i could talk to about everything and anything. ANYONE else feel the sa
  9. DAY 38. ffs i keep getting new spots!!!!! not too bad i guess and probs a bit better than before but still it should be working by now, shouldnt it? I have aquired 4 large spots on my forehead a place where i didnt even get spots pre-accutane. I thought back and chest had completely cleared but i got a new cyst on my back yesterday and a nice new one on my chest...................... happy days. Oh and i have a horrible rash on my arms that looks like exzema (spelt right) with smallpox. I fee
  10. i totally disagree with all of you. I ALWAYS squash the whitehead's, because then they immediately begin to heal themselves instead of waiting week for the head to go. In the short term it may be slightly more inflamed then it was but it WILL heal much quicker. I dont care what anyone says i kno from experience
  11. James how about u stop trying to gain some pityfull attention and get ur thumb out ur arse instead? This guy is obviously lonely, bored and most likely currently masturbating. I think uthe only girl u have kissed m8 is ur mother and even she fet disgusted. This lame thread needs killing.................
  12. sunday DAY 29 Went to the derm yesterday, i had to wait for like 1 hours then i got like 5 mins with her cus one of her previous patients had collapsed. She upped my dosage to 60mg, and told me the side effects would increase. I have a really chapped side of my lip which keeps re-opening everytime i open my mouth so it can never heal!!!! I got a cyst on the side fo my face the size of a 5p coin, and i have a largwe scabby area of skin + spots under my chin and my hands and fett have started