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  1. I have slacked off on Posting. 4 week checkup I was doing better. Face was awesomely 100% clear with alot of peeling. Dr. increased my dosage from 40 mg to 60 mg(2 pills). I tried to take the 2 pills, 1 in am, 1 in pm, but tended to forget alot, so the majority of the time I was doing 30 mg/day. 1st week of December - about 5 weeks in : My chest was completely clear. I can finally wear low-cut tops. Which I really haven't done since it is cold and I don't own many due to my chest acne
  2. velinda

    Day 16 - Accutane

    This stuff is working so quickly. I am ashy, dry. My skin is nice and smooth one minute and within a few minutes it is cracked and peeling off. It's crazy. I can't keep up with enough moisture. Everything else is ok. I can keep with the lips ok.
  3. velinda

    Day 10 - Accutane

    Really today should be day 11, but I forgot to take it today. Very unfortunate. Got busy with work and forgot. I will wait for tomorrow morning's dose. I now feel like I have hair lice. I am so itcy on and around hairline. I am now very flaky. My hair requires very moisture-rich shampoo or it will strip my hair and overly dry it. Therefore, no head and shoulders for me, at least for now. I will do my best to make it through this without killing my hair. Yesterday when I washed it, I
  4. velinda

    Day 9 - Accutane

    Thank you. As I was doing it, I knew it shouldn't be right. Never, in a million years, would I put vaseline on my face due to my acne and oil. But this feeling of extreme dryness after washing made me go for the nearest relief. I will hit the store today for more moisturizers.
  5. velinda

    Day 9 - Accutane

    The past couple of days, I've been waking up with dry face and dry lips. Upper lip is flaky white. After washing in the morning, I either put aquaphor or vaseline for relief. Today my scalp around hairline is very itchy and starting to flake. Yesterday, I had a big new pimple pop up right on my forehead and another tried on my nose, but I got it out before it could grow much more. ha.. Everything else seems to be drying on my face. Alot is drying on my back and chest but still needs alot
  6. velinda

    Day 5 - Accutane

    i just scrubbed with hands not with a towel or any scrub. just putting the soap on and running it pulled everything off. Is that bad too? I weigh 145 lbs.
  7. What is an IB? I see everyone writing about that, but i'm clueless
  8. velinda

    Day 5 - Accutane

    Yesterday, I left the house without applying sunblock. I live in Texas and the weather was warm. It was just an errand to go vote at the library which is about 1.5 miles from my house. As I'm driving, I feel the heat on my arms. As I walk the short distance to the library, I felt the sun burning the one arm that was in the sun. The other was fine in my shadow. I felt like I'd been sitting on the beach for an hour. Note to self: always apply sunblock when stepping outside. I played a t
  9. They will go away and you will feel so much better soon.
  10. When i took accutane in my 20's and my skin was clear, I didn't notice any scarring.
  11. velinda


    Not much change yet. I did take some pics last night for day 1- so uploading. fyi- you might think oh, her face looks pretty clear. I just got two cyst ones on face last week and they went down. There are also remnants of a cyst one on the middle of my neck. The majority on face are little blkheads and white heads and tiny little red ones. And remember, I am 36! This is not right for my age. lol. Today I took the pill with a late breakfast and no gassiness. I think that was the problem
  12. Thank you! The dermatologist also agreed it was fine. She said any regular procedure like that is fine. Surgeries are not. I don't think I'd want my teeth cleaned after a month or two on Accutane.
  13. I've been very nervous about starting this at the age of 36. I took my first course at around 22 or 23 when I had cystic acne on face, chest and back. Halfway through the course, I began receiving compliments from aquaintances. It was the only thing that worked for me after years of trying everything else. Acne stayed away for quite a few years until I had my son in 2004. A few years after that, they slowly started coming back and mostly on my chest and back. In 2009 at the height of my