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  1. Awww, girl I'm so sorry to read your story and so sorry for what all those people have said to you! I don't think your acne is that bad, it just looks irritated and since you're pale it's more evident (I have the same problem!). I agree with the other posters about going to see a good derm, ask your family/friends/coworkers for a recommendation, or your primary care doc for a referral (depends on your insurance). It sounds like stress is a trigger for you, which is the same for me along with gen
  2. Yay! Glad you found the right shade, which one was it? I use ivory and love it! My skin looks a little cakey sometimes with it on, especially on my "bad" cheek. I "double moisturize," put on cetaphil cream then cerave spf 30 THEN primer, letting each layer (especially the first) dry. One thing I did notice was that spraying some water on the brush is helpful and makes it spread a little bit easier. Oh and I heard the ELF brush is very close to the Sigma F80! I kind of wish I had bought that inst
  3. Your friends don't sound very supportive! Your skin DOES NOT look bad and has improved SO MUCH. It's definitely not getting worse. Maybe you should try to hang out with some other people that are little nicer. And you should totally talk to girls! You are super cute and, as a female, I never notice guy's skin. As as matter of fact, before I had bad skin, I never noticed anyone's skin unless it was really amazing/really, really bad. Cheer up! Go out and have fun, don't think about being on th
  4. Good luck! Keep me updated! It's so annoying to find a good foundation while on accutane. It might look okay from far away, but up close it looks kind of cakey cuz of all the dry skin, no matter how much I moisturize! One thing that I did find helpful was in the shower or while washing your face, use a wash cloth to LIGHTLY rub the areas of your face that get really flakey (not pimples). I used it around my mouth/under my nose and moisturize right after and it definitely helps with the flakiness
  5. Yeah, that sounds good! The pore perfecting cream might be like a primer, which helps for the makeup to go on easier. Samples would be good and it might be good to use the nice stuff for your senior pics that you're getting done. But for everyday use, something like Revlon Colorstay would be good. Picking colors can be a huge pain! I am always paranoid it'll be too dark because I'm so pale, so I always get the lightest option, but sometimes it just doesn't look good. And with my skin all red/irr
  6. Hi Maggie! Sorry I haven't been on here so I wasn't able to see your message. I was only wearing light powder in the photo, no foundation/other makeup. My skin is still clear, of course I get the occasional tiny pimple, but nothing massive like I used to. I will only get a tiny pimple or two around my period, but that is normal. I use retin-A cream (tretinoin) mixed with moisturizer applied EVERY OTHER night, not every night. I get dried out if I do it every night. I stopped the birth contro
  7. Hi there! What an improvement on your skin! Congrats. What type of make-up did they use on you? I've noticed that sometimes my scars look worse with some make-ups than others, especially while on accutane. If I use any powders, it seems to sink into them and make them look horrible! But I've found I just have to use liquid and it looks better, only using powder to set concealer under my eye and on my forehead. I've been using Revlon Colorstay and like it, especially because it seems to match my
  8. Thanks for the update! Your skin looks great!! I noticed you had said you had some ice pick scarring, did it get any better over time?
  9. Thanks so much for your update! Did you have any indented scars at all? Or just dark marks? I have a little bit of indented scarring, some of it kind of old, and my derm said some of it should clear up but I'm just curious if you had any input on that. I've read alot of conflicting things here on the board!
  10. Hello everyone! I just got back from a follow up derm appt and am just so frustrated! I'm not sure what the best thing to do is. I started breaking out over the summer on my neck and then my chin and then it spread to my cheeks and now is all over my face and I also have acne on my chest/back. I saw the derm back in August. I suggested duac because I had gone on that back in college when I was breaking out really bad and it cleared me up and I haven't had problems until now, I'm 24. I have been