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  1. Electric razors may be better - it depends on how sensitive your skin is. Your dermatologist probably recommended an electric razor because there is a much lower risk of actually slicing your face with an electric razor. For this reason, there are a lot of advantages to electric razors (for this application, rotaries are probably better even though some find combs to be more gentle). You mentioned a concern about the cost. If you are wanting to buy an electric razor for comfort rather than
  2. There are pros and cons to electric razors, and a lot of people have had very mixed experiences. For better or worse, a lot of the bad experiences come from junk electric razors. Most of the electric shavers out there are pretty worthless, and you have to spend a little more money ($80 and up) to get a decent shave without razor burn. Nice electric razors are fantastic! You can get a shave that's about as close as a standard razor, and you can get results faster. With the ability to dry sha
  3. There are many advantages to using an electric razor. They are faster, and you can dry shave if you're in a hurry. It's somewhat tricky for me to tell you exactly which model to buy, but I wrote a guide to electric shavers that I think could help you a lot! You can find the guide here: http://www.paupersdime.com/guide-buying-an-electric-razor-shaver-philips-norelco-braun/ Good luck!