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  1. Sounds very high to me, are you in the US? They seem to use higher dosages there. I'm in the UK, when I was on Accutane recently my derm put me on 20mg for the first month, then 40mg for the remaining time, I weigh about 66Kg. Because I was on quite a low dose, I was on accutane for quite a long time (about 7 months, I think), but it seems to have worked, and the side effects were very manageable - I did try 60mg for a week, but the side-effects were much worse, so my derm put me back on 40mg
  2. Well they would, they're paid to... BTW the best product by far for acne is acutane...
  3. Hi - I've been on Roaccutane (currently 40mg/day) for about 10 weeks now, I had an initial blood test, but have had no follow-ups, nor do I think any are scheduled - should I be concerned? Should I ask for one?
  4. Minocycline is typically one of the first anitbiotics perscribed for acne. In theory it's supposed to work - by killing the bacteria causing breakouts. And it actually works for a lot of people (every single person who has ever been perscribed an acne drug doesn't necessarily post on acne.org, although this site is a fairly good microcosm). But, for others, it's not strong enough, and the side effects might be worse than acne. ←
  5. Given that most people with acne will be using another product that makes their skin sensitive (e.g. Roaccutane, Differin, Retin-A, Benzoyl Peroxide), the best thing to use is something very gentle, so I use Johnson & Johnson Extra Mild Facial Wash (Boots sell it BTW), which is unperfuned, PH neutral and very mild. hope this helps
  6. What??!?!?! I'm on my 7th day at 40mg and i've had no side effects yet. ←
  7. The World's Leading Acne Treatment is actually Accutane, trust me...
  8. As for the low dosage, is this just initially? I have just started on Roaccutane myself (1 week in) and my derm has suggested the following course for me (to minimise initial fare-up): 20mg every other day for first 10 days 20mg/day for next ten days 40mg/day for next ten days 60mg/day until level of 125mg/kg has been reached I only have moderate inflamatory acne, though I have alot of very persistant non-inflamatory acne. I weigh about 66kg, so 60mg/day is about 1mg/kg for me, which is the st