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  1. only near where you put the BP or all over your head? I've noticed that I actually HAVE DANDRUFF, but I've been using certain hair products to help (JASON's Tea Tree Oil shampoo works great). Now, I think it is a combination of the BP plus the water and weather. I travel often between Ottawa, Canada, and New Hampshire, USA, and when I am in New Hampshire, I experience barely any dryness or flakiness, and I still follow the regimen exactly the same while I am there.
  2. I notice this too. I've cut down on the amount of bp I use near the upper part of my forehead near my scalp, and that has helped. If I use the regular amount, my scalp gets so flaky and dry, it is gross.
  3. I'd also like to bring up the importance of your water quality. I travel relatively often. I live in Ottawa, Canada, and travel to New Hampshire. In Ottawa, my skin has been so dry on the regimen. I pile on the oils and the moisturizer, and that helps (as does the AHA+). But it is insane how flaky my skin can be; it just seems to flake right off in some areas. It is horrible. When I am in New Hampshire, I have NO flakiness or dryness, and my skin care routine is exactly the same, while using the
  4. I agree with this post! Of course BP will not work for everyone; I think that is a given when it comes to skin care. For those that it can work for (and that is a good majority), it requires a realistic expectation, consistency in usage, and a positive attitude. You probably won't see results right away, and things might get worse at first. I'm almost on my third week of the Regimen, but I've been using BP for about 8 weeks. The BP definitely helped lessen the frequency of my acne, but it took 8
  5. I've been using BP for about 2 months, and using The Regimen for about 2.5 weeks. My skin has always been on the dry side, and while my skin had adapted to the 5% BP I purchased at the drugstore, the 2.5% BP treatment from Acne.org has been more effective, but also way more drying (plus it is winter). I am definitely interested in trying this cleansing routine oil. I've found, however, that jojoba oil is not moisturizing enough when I add a bunch to my 2x daily moisturizing routine. I've been al
  6. I get so excited when I hear about more natural methods working out for people! I've yet to try the manuka honey, but it is definitely something on my list acidophilus (and probiotics in general) are being discovered to benefit much more than just our intestinal health - I've been taken probiotics for some time now. I have started on the BP (as of about 2 weeks ago), and while I did see a lot of itchiness, redness and dryness at first, it has decreased by about 60%, and I am on my third week of
  7. Hi! I'm a 29 year old female, and I never thought acne would impact my life in any signifcant way. I would get the occasional horrible red zit (the painful ones), but nothing I couldn't handle. This past summer, I started dating someone new, and I think the combination of a new face being so close to mine + his awesome Greek facial hair irritated my skin, and it has not recovered since. I would classify my acne as moderate at its worst. I'll get the painful red pimples, and milia, plus the oc