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  1. I was advised to try the baking soda mask to fade the post dark spots ( hyperpigmentation ) but I don't know how much to leave it , some say 30 seconds , some say until it dries , some say 20 minutes .... so now I'm confused what do you guys think ?! and thanks for the help in advance :
  2. So lately I've been reading a lot on the ACV treatment over the web , and I've been wanting to try it but I'm really scared , cause it seems like something strong and I really don't want to do any damage to my skin trying to treat my self of acne , So I thought it would be best to ask before trying , Does it really work or is it a myth ? and will it do any damage to my skin ? and how should I use it ( diluted with how much water cause that can be confusing ) ? And thanks.
  3. I’ve been working to fade the hyperpigmentation on my face , I’ve controlled my acne , I still get a pimple or two monthly , but what I want to know is when I get a pimple or a white head what can I do to it so it doesn’t leave a red or brown mark behind it ? and I would prefer if it's a natural way , I don't like to use chemicals on my face and thanks in advance ..
  4. So thank god I managed to control my acne , but what I was left with is little red flat non-inflammatory under the skin marks , they don't hurt or anything i feel like they're dead but they just there on my face , the weird thing is that i didn't have anything before them in their place i mean it's not the result of anything , they just popped there ! what are these things called ? how can i get rid of these stuff fast at home ? and and how long will it take ? oh and i forgot to say that some of
  5. Oh my god the Romwe ads are like everywhere on the web !