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  1. tazorac does not make my face red but my skin definetly burns now especially when i just rub it. Even after a shower when I rub my face with a towel it burns. I also have chapped lips but not sure if it is from that though it might just be from the weather here I go outside a lot. I really hope this stuff works because if it doesn't I am going to go on accutane.
  2. right now my derm has put me on tazorac in the morning and then benzamycin at night. The thing is I have bad experience with the benzamycin so I have not been taking it and I am wondering if tazorac alone can still be effective for me thank you
  3. bp made me scar.. was using benzamycin which contains it but that is just me
  4. i try not to look at my face in the mirror =/
  5. my derm just put me on tazorac cream .1% once a day and also benzamycin once a day. I'm just wondering if tazorac helps with cystic acne. I dont get many cysts but I do have some that dont seem to go away
  6. well i was on minocylcline which is similar and it made me feel sick, dizzy, and it made me constipated for a bit, then i had to take a crap 3 times one day. so it wasnt for me. maybe i need more of a mild antibiotic. But stick with it but if it becomes too much of a problem, tell your doctor and see what he/she thinks.
  7. best of luck! keep us updated, as i might be having this procedure done very soon 8-[
  8. It is just bad cuz im going on vacation and all that stuff. Im 5'10 145 pounds. My family can't believe it, my dad didn't know what the hell they were. 'sigh'
  9. This is very odd. Im only 18 and I looked at my back in the mirror the other day... and well I have a bunch of red lines on my back, they are bright red and it looks terrible I want to die. I think they are stretch-marks? Does anyone know anything I can do? Im going on vacation soon to myrtl beach and if this doesnt go away I wont go swimming or anything like that, basically ruin my entire time. I don't understand how I got them, Im not overweight at all and i havn't lost or gained any weight
  10. I dont think its right to say that its not possible to have an initial breakout with antibiotics. Im on minocycline right now ive been on it for two weeks now and at first it got a little better, but now the cysts i have are flaring up. I just hope they go away soon.
  11. Good luck! I hope it works out well for you, keep us updated O:)
  12. this my exact problem. I hope someone can help us out with this
  13. Im just wondering if theres anything that can achieve significant improvement in shallow tiny pits, im talking pin like pits. Has anyone had good results with any products or surgery etc for these type of scars? Im just really not sure on where to find information about that type of scarring I cant really find much... ty