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  1. I've researching this all night. some places say take 1-2g 0f DHA&EPA and others say to take up to 4g. the pills i have now have 900mg of DHA&EPA, im not sure how many i should take.
  2. thanks for the replies guys! ive been on the regimen for a week now. still no drying/flakiness. several years ago i was prescribed a BP cream so i guess im BP tolerant. i went ahead and used the AHA and while it did burn, it gave me no negative effects.
  3. i just started the regimen and have some questions, 1. my skin isnt drying out/flaking at all, is this normal? 2. is it safe to use AHA along with the first 3 steps? (cleanser+treatment+ moisturizer+AHA)
  4. yes ive had it looked at. im pretty positive its not rosecea
  5. well i have not tried exfoliating. i was always scared it would agitate my face, but after doing research it seems beneficial. any recommend products?
  6. I've been dealing with acne for 8 years, started early around when I was 12. I've been perscribed severeal treatments including BP and accutane...twice! Accutane stopped all pimples and cysts for several months but they slowly came back. As of now my forehead is clear, my cheeks are clear (still scars) my shoulder/chest acne is manageable, my neck, chin and nose area are a war zone. I only get pimples/cysts on my neck and chest/back but its usually manageable. My main concern is my chin