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  1. Probably like you stated. I too am allergic to salicylic acid, my skin get's red and inflamed with tiny raised bumps. I would put oatmeal on it till it calms down and try a different cleanser. Good luck!
  2. Your skin looks awesome, congrats!
  3. Acne isn't cured it's managed. The factors go from food allergies, sensitivities, stress, diet, hormones, genetics, pollution, cosmetics, poor water quality, shampoo, detergents, lack of exercise, too much exercise, medications, poor hygiene, overwashing, over exfoliating, allergies to chemicals, just to name a few.
  4. yeah I would think that alcohol wouldn't be that beneficial for acne. I know I would flare up every time I drank. I don't drink at all anymore but maybe try scaling back a bit and try to eat as healthy as you can, cutting down on dairy, breads, and sugar. Acne-Free is basically a knockoff to ProActiv but like I said previously, I think it works better. I found it at Target.
  5. So happy you found something that works. I have mild acne now I just recently quit BP, my skin kinda freaked out but is readjusting. All natural products are the best! Best of luck!
  6. Started juicing!!!!!!! :-)

  7. I used proactiv and it worked for 3 months and stopped and my skin got worse. I thought the acne-free regimen works more effectively and it's cheaper plus you don't have to wait for it to come in. Are you suppose to combine them all? Oh sorry, I didn't see the bottom portion of your question. They don't look like cystic, maybe papules from what I see. Best of luck!
  8. I take the prescribed dose of 2 Norwegian cod liver oil a day and it seems to be sufficient.
  9. I like Basis face wash I found it to work well and it's cheap! Purpose is good but I thought it was too drying and Cetaphil gentle didn't seem to cleanse enough for me.
  10. I believe they are called rolling scars, but don't hold me to it as I'm not that informed on scars, I have some minor ice pick scars on my forehead, not from acne but picking when I was younger (ughh, stupid me!). Me personally, I have tried Neutrogena's at home microdermabrasion kit Target, it was like $20 and AWESOME. I noticed improvement right away. I wouldn't use it if you had any currently inflamed bumps though. Best of luck!
  11. I think it is nothing you should worry about and that continuing using those two products should work to diminish the red mark. Just try to relax a bit and I'm sure it'll go away in no time
  12. I have heard of success with derma rollers and microdermabrasion. When my skin was better I used Neutrogena's at home microdermabrasion and saw improvement immediately. My skin is flaring up at the moment so I don't currently use it. Best of luck )
  13. Maybe your body is now in a state of a healing crisis and is detoxing. You may just have to wait it out. I find the cod liver oil pills helped reduce the oiliness of my skin. Also zinc can help. Best of luck and remember that acne won't last for ever
  14. What I like to do is mix the green concealer with the yellow concealer from Physicians Formula and I find it works well to cancel redness without a gray hue.
  15. Best of luck! I tried this and my face went crazy. Different things for different people I guess.
  16. I'd watch out for mineral oil which is suppose to be comedogenic. Jojoba oil seems to be a good choice for most people.
  17. Hi! I have just recently starting taking Cod Liver oil pils and my skin is much less oily, maybe it's the Vitamin A in there which is suppose to help reduce sebum production or the oil is balancing out my own skin's oils, not sure. Also I find that eating more leafy greens like spinach helps a lot. Reducing dairy, sugar, breads will greatly help. A zinc supplement might be a good choice too. Best of luck!
  18. Hopeful479

    Dirty Face 2

    Maybe retinol or aha would help to brighten the complexion and reduce hyperpigmentation marks. Best of luck!
  19. Nice eyes...and those eyelashes would be the envy of most girls. Best of luck!
  20. I feel like waiting for my face to clear is akin to watching paint dry or grass to grow.....only slower ughh!!

  21. Have you tried oatmeal? Maybe in the form of masks. It might calm the redness a little bit, suppose to be soothing.
  22. Definitely ice cream, pizza, chocolate, and butter. I do pretty good not eating dairy buts it's sooooooo hard! Sugar is hard as well, I've given up coffee so I've cut down on some sugar on that. It's really difficult to eat good everyday.....nevermind expensive!
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    Yeahhh this is what it is as of 11/10
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    From the album: Current

    Fake smiling haha!