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Hello all my name is Paige.

I am 25 years old and sick of my chronically infrequent battle with acne. I believe mine is due to a dairy and sugar sensitivity and STRESS. My skin is either really nice or horrible. Yep, frustrating! It makes me feel really insecure and embarressed. I tend to be vain so I'll just stay in my house and avoid anyone or anything at all costs until it clears up. I have a little boy and it's just embarressing knowing he's probably staring at my face too and wondering. Oh well enough about me.

Jesus is Lord and Savior! God bless all our journeys to clear skin and hopefully we come out this stronger, healthier, happier, and more insightful!

I stopped my Acne-Free regimen about 2 weeks ago as I was trying to go Caveman Regimen with no washing but chickened out after my skin went crazy without BP. I now have been using:

AM - Basis face wash and Tea Tree Oil (straight up no dilution)

PM - Basis fash wash and Retinol Complex (from Acne-Free)

(I use a mask from Boots Botanics which I love, it is all natural Burdock clay which I use 3x a wk. I try not to exfoliate as to not spread the infection until my skin is healed. If it is feeling particularly rough I'll gently wash it with a face cloth. I always splash cold water after washing to close my pores.)

- I have noticed some minor improvement but I think my skin is in a state of confusion.

- As for diet, it's not bad and not good. Everyday I'm getting better at reducing my dairy, sugar, and bread intake and eating more fruits and veggies. I plan to buy a juicer and start juicing soon. I've also quit coffee. I drink green tea, herbal teas, and liver/kidney detox tea.

As for supplements:

Morning- 1/2 a One-a-Day Women's multivitamin, 1 Norwegian cod liver oil pill

Afternoon- 1 vitamin D3 1000 IU (may add Zinc 50mg in the near future)

Night- 1/2 a One-a-Day Women's multivitamin, 1 Norwegian cod liver oil pill

(Now it's just wait and see)