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  1. I have built an array consisting of 30 red, 30 415nm violet, 3 high-power blue and 30 880nm IR LED's. http://imageshack.us'>ImageShack.us What kind of eye protection is best? I tried sunglasses with aluminium foil but it doesn't feel safe, too much light gets through.
  2. I know you need 10-30 mW/cm^2 of power. High-powered LED's are needed. "Medical grade" UV LED's can cost £100+ each from UK sources if money is no object.
  3. The only moisturiser that definitely doesn't clog my skin is Simple Light Hydrating moisturiser.
  4. Using an electric trimmer is the only way to eliminate irritation completely. Even the G2 Plus recommended on here still causes skin to become very dry and sensitive. Shavers irritate the skin horribly if used in a circular motion as directed and still cause problems even if done carefully along the grain with the lightest pressure.
  5. I'm building my own from 30x415nm, 30x660nm, 30x880nm 3Watt LED's all powered by a 650w PSU. It's taking ages though.
  6. Hello folks, Just a bit of background first. I'm 25 and my skin has been okay for a while now. While I probably only had mild/moderate skin blemishes in the past some cysts have been left behind. I'm fairly certain I have a small cyst 2-3mm below the skin close to my left cheek bone. It is very hard, painless, movable and I can "crunch" it against the bone below. It's been there at least 7 years and it bothers me every time I put my hand on my cheek feeling this hard lump grind against the