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  1. I agree with accepting a few ads and lowering the prices for customers. Although you do seem strongly against it, I just thought I'd put in my opinion as well and agree to the suggestion made. I do buy the BP and AHA. They aren't too bad sold seperately but for those who buy the kits or larger OZ's it quite expensive. Especially for young college males/females who don't really have a lot of money and are just starting out. And for what it's worth, I never pay any attention to advertiseme
  2. Honey, accepting the fact that you have a medical condition -hence "acne" so to speak, is from what I've observed aligned with the same process that of a-divorce. I know, it sounds silly and doesn't even go together?? It's really the step by step process that I'm speaking of. It's that something of this... Denial, anger/bitterness, desperation , grieving the loss/depression, letting go and then acceptance. I was in denial for a long time that acne was a medical condition I was going to h
  3. When do you see your dermatologist again? Please do mention that side effect to him/or her , that you are already experiencing an itchy dry scalp. That can definitely be an early sign that you might experience hair loss as a side effect. And it's something serious you should take into mind. I'm not trying to scare you but just trying to make you aware of what could possibly happen, so that you can catch Accutane effects early and not when it's too late. As for everything else... Girlllll, with
  4. Who is this Pete I love so much, that you speak of? Lol jk. Nice advice =)
  5. Have you ever wondered why someone liked you so much? What is so great about you? What's so special, nothing special. Then- Have you ever wondered why the hell someone DIDN'T like you as much? You're freaking awesome sauce. Yeah well I just thought how weird those things are and how probably ALL of us have experienced it even though they contradict each other. Back to acne... I'm pretty clear right now. I've been using BP and AHA at night but to be honest I have NOT been using B
  6. Aside from watching Youtube vids since I came out of work, I decided to also procrastinate sleep by writing a blog. Pf. So UD means update and JO <Jojoba oil. Lovely we cleared that. I should be sleeping because idk the last week or the week before that I was getting amazing sleep and my skin was looking amazing but those are very rare points in my life. I hardly if ever have a good sleep schedule and it without a doubt messes up my skin. I lay in bed, try to sleep but start thinking about
  7. For those of you suffering with SA have you guys ever worked in customer service jobs? I had bad SA not cause of acne but because of my teeth when I was younger but as soon as I got into CS jobs my bosses slapped that right out of me. I feel like if you have SA because of a physical trait- then do you really have SA? I don't think I ever really had SA because it went away once I had my teeth fixed and got into CS jobs. I feel like actual SA is not caused by a physical trait you have but is there
  8. That's a plus, it's always hard to get Derms to prescribe you Accutane even with how severe my acne was my second Derm didn't recommend it to me. So it's good he found it necessary it must be somewhat severe... Those are some good tips! I definitely try to drink plenty of water and get good sleep. No problem
  9. I read about that before going on it, with some women who took Accutane they had permanent damage and couldn't get wet anymore. Of course they tried lubes but they said it didn't help and that sex was no longer pleasurable for them. That was the number 1 thing I was afraid of before going on it because a life without sex seems really... Depressing. That didn't happen to me but I did suffer from the excessive hair loss.
  10. Ive been reading this forum all day long I made it up to page 15 till I decided to go ahead and skip to the newest post. I'm so sorry you guys haven't found a cure yet :/ I thought my hair loss was going away but just a few days ago I noticed more hair fall out as before. I've lost about 50% if not more hair over the past 7 months since being off Accutane. I've tried excessive amounts of biotin , oil treatments, hairskinnails vitamins and excessive pregnancy pills although I don't know if those
  11. I hope your acne is somewhat severe... Accutane in my opinion is something not to use for mild acne. It's your body though so to each their own but mostly looking out for the well being of others. Unlike a lot of people I have a real big heart and I mean that when I say I care about others well being. Congrats on your first day! I know it's exciting well it was for me. What other methods have you tried, that would be interesting to read or input in there. Goodluck on your journey!
  12. Wow... This is amazing. We are going through the exact same thing ! =) Nice. You had better luck in the acne free department though Lol There is absolutely hope for everyone here! I'm glad we can all similarly relate to each other it's a good feeling =)
  13. Why thank you! Thanks for taking the time to read it! Lol Congrats! I hope your journey goes well and I wish you nothing but the best with Tane. btw great username !
  14. Try me once and I might let you go. Accutane felt like that, it was a gamble, a gamble that some win at and some lose at. Some walk away scotch free and others paid a toll. I was one of the unfortunate ones that did have to pay a price but I don't regret taking Accutane one bit. It was a miracle drug for me at the time. That's all I wanted to say about Accutane. I been wanting to do an update on here for a while now. So here I am! It's kinda sad how people will come on here when they are firs
  15. Accutane came with a price

    Completely rids your acne, clears your face up Completely rids ANY acne on your body as well I had to shave less because my hair on my body wasn't growing as quickly Lol Extreme Extended Hair Loss in my case Expensive, Cannot drink alcohol, dry skin, skin rashes, Must be very observant to your body, God awful possible side effects than can truely affect your life Acne came back after 6 months , Really hard to get a Dermatologist to presrcribe it to you I would most definitely recommend this to