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  1. Day 1 for me I have just started to get involved in this forum and have just stumbled upon this. I thought of doing this before but did not give much effort into it. I have acne scars all over my cheeks and some small pimples scattered around. Im currently in college so hopefully schoolwork will help me get by. I'm also doing this because masturbating has caused me to become less social. Wish me luck everyone and good luck to everyone else!!
  2. Hello I have an upcoming appointment with my dermatologist next week. I have been to him once before and he performed vascular laser treatment on my face about a month ago for acne scars that are on my cheeks. I have not really seen results from that and I am wondering if I should see a different derm. I know that it has only been a month and I may be overlooking him as a professional but he seems very unfriendly and unhelpful to me. He didn't talk to me much about what was going on and didn't t
  3. I just wanted to post another update and see if I could get any feedback. My acne scars didn't fade much from the vascular treatment yet but its not as bad as before. I have been getting dandruff recently and my scalp has been really itchy as well as my face. I think that it may be Seborrheic dermatitis but thats just my guess. I am still using the clindamycin gel and I am also using Cerave moisturizing cream for my face. Even with the moisturizer on my face is still a little bit itchy. if you g
  4. Thank you for your responses and I wanted to post an update. I went to the doctor and he gave me Triamcinolone Acetonide Cream, minocycline, and clindamycin ph gel. After a few days of using these products my face has become less dry. There is no more flakiness and the rashes on my face have gone away but I believe the Triamcinolone cream has made my face very thin and has make my acne scars more dark. I also went to a derm for the first time. He didn't really say or check anything but he sai
  5. I have had acne for a year now and suddenly last week my face has become dry and itchy. I have the urge to constantly itch my face all day now. I'm pretty sure that it is eczema because my cheeks are both inflamed and red. My cheeks were oozing out pus last night after I tried using Ponds dry skin cream. I really need help and if somebody could offer me some suggestions or possible treatments until I go to a doctor I would really appreciate it.
  6. I have been suffering from dry facial skin for the past week. My face is constantly itchy and flaky. Last night my cheeks were oozing out pus and I have read that that was a sign of eczema. Both of my cheeks are inflamed and red due to itching. If anybody has any suggestions or possible treatments i would really appreciate it