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  1. updateeeee! so my cheeks have cleared about 80% way better than it was before. I had alot of red marks still, but no more cysts althought i still have blackheads i'm trying to get out without leaving a scar. my chin hasn't really improved, still a lot of blackheads. and my forehead.. yikes. seems to not be improving at all. lots of redmarks and blackheads still. i'm not going to give up though, i still have hope
  2. soda definitely makes me break out. mostly brown one like coke and pepsi. i always notice a pimple or two after i drink a couple sodas.
  3. I have the same problem with red marks from my acne. I have an extremley fair complexion and every make shows and is so hard to get rid of. Have you found anything to help fade the red marks besides the clarisonic? Did the tazorac fade the red marks for you?
  4. I still use the tazorac, I just went to the drugstore and bought the cetaphil lotion for my face which has really helped. My skin is still very flaky, but the dryness has improved since I've used the lotion Yes! I have a lot of bumps on my forehead that are just not inflammed or red or anything, just bumpy. How long before you noticed those going away? But thank you. I really hope your acne journey gets better for you!
  5. I've been struggling with acne for a couple years now. I've recently started using Tazorac every night and been put on Yaz to help my breakouts. Most of my pimples aren't like cysts or pussy, but they are like little sebums of oil in my pores that get really inflammed in my skin and don't heal until I push them out. Has anyone who uses Tazorac know if this will help heal those? Occasionally I get pus filled pimples.Oh, and not to mention, the little sebums leave a red mark where they were. Any t