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  1. From the album: Hopefully My Acne Success Story

    Okay wow. It's been over a year since I've logged in here. After recently feeling really down about the condition of my skin, I decided to return here and look at my old photos.... HOLY CRAP! My face has improved so much more than I had been giving myself credit for. It's hard to see the improvements in acne because they're gradual. You're gonna have clear days and then you're going to have a beakout that you think could qualify as the worst one you've had yet. It's a cycle. A vicious cy
  2. Lia Rae

    Hopefully My Acne Success Story

    The beginning of my treatment, October 26th 2012
  3. FUN FACT for anyone taking NEW CHAPTER brand products... I work at a health food/ supplement store where we sell New Chapter products and about a year ago they were actually bought out by Monsanto... Nice post! Will be watching the documentary when I can!
  4. Hi! It's been a long time since I've been on this website, for the most part due to my life becoming very hectic! D: I just wanted to say that I think I am well on my way to being clear by the end of this year! Here's some changes I made in my diet that I think everyone should ponder on. NO, I'M NOT SAYING THIS WILL WORK FOR EVERYONE ;-) I just think these changes have made a major influence on my skin's improvement. I QUIT EATING EGGS! I learned not too long ago that eggs are SUPER infla
  5. Lia Rae

    In the Real World

    When I'm out with make up on. :-)
  6. From the album: In the Real World

    Isn't it sick I used to think I had it bad??? This was over a year ago from today, 11-21-12. I can't believe that I took my clear skin for granted so bad.
  7. From the album: In the Real World

    This was right before my acne came back. Sure, I was wearing makeup, but my skin now doesn't look nearly as smooth even under full coverage now. I use this photo as my inspiration to get clear again. I also use it to remind myself not to take my skin for granted. I did when this picture was taken, but now that real acne has returned, I will never make that mistake again.
  8. Is this still a thing in your life? I've suffered from debilitating depression as well, and it is definitely not fun. I basically felt like...well basically any happy thought i had made me feel this deep sinking feeling in my gut/brain. And as you said, i didn't want to do anything. It's such a crazy issue. I've noticed that the healthier i've been eating (for the past eightish months) the less severe my downs get. And they happen much less frequently. Usually after a super high in my li
  9. Went shopping today without my "face" on... It was hard and even one kid said to me, "Why is your face like that?" But I still had a good time and I feel like I'm becoming more comfortable with my face. I did an ACV and redmond clay mask this morning... But I think the ACV was too harsh and it just made everything more red... Hopefully I will see some improvement tomorrow, though.
  10. I haven't tried either, if you have any information, however, I would be very interested in learning about what they entail.
  11. Please take care. If you need someone to talk to, message me.
  12. Oh you are just AwEsOmE... But I'm sure you already knew that!!
  13. I will let you know if it happens again... I didn't get a notification for this post you made here so I'm thinking that maybe it is broken Or maybe I am misunderstanding the way the notifications work? Should I be notified of all posts in a topic I make, or just posts quoting me? Thanks again for you help and I'm sorry if I've made this a mess. D:
  14. Sami's bakery (google it) is a bakery in Tampa Florida that makes awesome millet and flax based bakery goods. They ship their products, too. I love their bagels... If you're celiac then it's a no-go, but if not then there's no wheat (or other gluten containing contents) in the ingredients so it's all right. And not to mention delicious.
  15. I pretty much follow Dan's regimen without using his products. I am very gentle with my face, I remove my makeup with jojoba oil before using my Murad acne kit. I know it hasn't received positive reviews on this website but I used it as a younger teen and it helped me SIGNIFICANTLY, so that is why I stick to it. But I've only been using the Murad for a few days now, before that I was using an Alba botanica cleanser and using salicylic acid, tea tree oil and lavender oil on my face. My diet was a
  16. You are more than welcome, if you ever need someone to talk to, I don't always get on here every day, but feel free to message me. You're bigger than me! I'm scared to go to Wal Mart at midnight without my makeup on, hahaha.
  17. Are all the ghost notifications about people who've replied in one of your topics? Is it just one topic, or is it the same for all your topics? It doesn't seem to matter what topic it is in... I'm pretty sure it's multiple, but I don't mind just doing what WonderfulStrawberry mentioned. Thanks for all the help! Hey just wanted to let you know that today they are working, so maybe it has resolved itself, hahaha. Thanks everyone~
  18. Lia Rae

    Great smell Affordable (Compared to many acne products) Great anti-inflammatory Noticeable difference in face within the day Don't get in your eyes! Doesn't seem to help breakouts, just redness I use lavender oil every day. Especially after the shower or after I finish the last step of my my regimen (moisturizing) to help the redness... It's also a moisturizer which is great, and if you happen to pick (I try so hard not to but sometimes I cave! D:) if you put it on immediate
  19. And I have to check my topics manually to look for responses. I was being notified of them through this device when I first started my account but suddenly it's not happening anymore...? Thanks for any info, and I apologize if this has already been addressed in a previous thread.
  20. Obviously if I pick or scrub at my face I notice the scars looking worse. Eating the wrong stuff, and definitely sleep deprivation aggravates the inflammation, too. Also sleeping with my face against the pillow is a big one! If i sleep on my back I don't notice it... But it's so hard to cuddle at night laying on your back, ahahaha An interesting thread, I like this! Edit: Also had to add that if I don't drink enough water the bumps are so much more noticeable... If I'm getting a lot of
  21. Lia Rae


    From the album: Hopefully My Acne Success Story

    So embarrassing to put this up... I broke out pretty bad. ( But I think it's important to keep an accurate log of what's going on, so I'm trying to stay as positive as possible. This is the first day of deciding to start the healthy gut diet. Wish me luck~
  22. Just take a look at some of the pinned topics... Also check out Dans 125+ success stories using his regimen here
  23. Remind yourself that you are beautiful regardless of a scar on your face. I have so many scars on my face, I had a horrible picking problem for years, and I found a wonderful (and beautiful) man who doesn't even see any of it. I bet your boyfriend doesn't care either. Also remind yourself that you are a teenager, you have your WHOLE life ahead of you. This scar right now will seem so silly two years from now, when it has faded and got past that red phase, I promise. Whenever you start thin