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  1. Hole in the chin youve came to the right place. easily concealed using dermaflage. Check it out www.dermaflage.com i use it check my gallery youll see the difference. Look at before and afters on the website also it covers a hole in a guys nose and holes in ears from piercings. Its expensive but worth it if the problem really bothers you.
  2. Check my gallery it shows the full extent of my scars and then my scars after Dermaflage check it out message me for questions
  3. Check out my gallery I use dermaflage for my acne scars. Just recently got it I need to get good at applicating however its promising.
  4. PatrickCampbell


  5. Dermaflage works pretty well after a good application:)
  6. When i get the product delivered and ive perfected it ill show you guys before and after shots. Take a look at my scars now in harsh lighting to give yourself an idea of what mine are like.
  7. Im feeling okay i suppose ive just purchased a product called dermaflage for acne scars its on its way. Any of you guys tried it?
  8. Hi guys ive just ordered a starter kit of dermaflage. Dermaflage is a product created to conceal indented scars. The results ive seen from this method is pretty amazing if im honest although it is temporary like make up is for girls, who cares it gets rid of the scars right? Ill updat you guys on my progress thanks
  9. PatrickCampbell

    Harsh lightings :)

    what do you guys think?
  10. Yeahh exactly! Its the worst feeling because no one really understands it and people often reject the problem and say its not bad at all! Hmm i dont know its improved i mean i dont get spots any more but there redness and scarring bugs me big time! How about you?
  11. Ahh sounds promising! I would say the redness makes it look a lot worse. How bad would you say the scarring is honestly? Ahh im happy for you sounds like your getting your confidence back! Ohh i see would you say the aveeno product contributed to your redness improving quicker?
  12. Ahh thanks pal Yeah i know mine are pretty exposed. I moisturise everyday but i dont really want to do anything else whilst on accutane Im really not sure how bad my scars are tbh because there red you know! Like i mean after the redness how noticeable do you think theyll be? Have you got any pictures mate? Thanks a lot same to you!
  13. ahh nice progresss bro i dont think your scars look bad at all you know! Your acne was very active it looked painful! How are you feeeling today?
  14. Ahhh scars always seem like the double whammy first you have the acne and you have hope of it clearing up and having a perfect complexion then to be left with scars i feel is a sickening feeling. The scars may not be as bad as the acne but the acne unlike the scars arnt meant to stick around for life! I feel your pain ive just recently had acne and its left red marks and indents on my face. After ive finished accutane im thinking about needling maybe dermarolling to see how that goes do you ha
  15. Hmm 60 mg is a decent dosage however you may need an increase! Some people do experience accutane kicking in at the start of the 5 month so really late on you might be one of them. I could put money on accutane working for you! do you have any progress pictures?