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  1. Thanks for the input. My skin is EXTREMELY sensitive to Benzoyl Peroxide. I'm looking more for cheap alternative ways on clearing my acne. I don't want to pay 30 everytime the regimen supply runs out. Another intelligent forumer messeged me on some natural products for my skin and I'd like more input and evaluation on what type of acne I have and natural remedies for clearing my acne. I don't think diet affects acne but I'll have to do more research regarding that subject.

    Once again, thanks for the helpful input.

  2. So I have red dots on my face that don't hurt or aren't bumpy and appeared after I used an blackhead extractor and the red dots now took the place of where my blackheads use to be. Here are some images:

    So can you name what type of acne that is? I'm really confused but I think it's a papule but I'd like your opinions on what it really is. Some info on my face is that my face is super oily especially on the forehead and super sensitive.

    Almost every lotion,moisturizer or gel I've used made me breakout and any severe temperature changes such as extreme heat or a windy day makes me breakout even more. I've stopped using moisturizers due to my fear of breaking out even more and then ending with red dots that never seem to go away. The only thing I do to help clear my acne is shower morning and night with Nivea For Men Moisturizing Face Wash product with Menthol & Vitamin E along with shampoo and conditioner. Is that enough to help? If not, any help is greatly appreciated and once I begin to learn more and master the art of acne xD I would want to help others on the forum with their problems! Thanks for reading!

  3. I've heard about this before and I want to try it out but I don't have the circles to do so since I have acne prone oily/sensitive skin and I'm afraid I'm going to breakout even more and it'll be harder to remove but for any others that try it out reply and tell us what you're outcome with it has been.

  4. So I've been cruising around Acne.org for about a week and I finally decided too join!

    My names Eric and I have very sensitive skin with the oily combination. My face tends to be the "Manhattan" for blackheads to reside in xD. I'm hispanic but I could pass for an asian after 2pm when the sun is at it's highest lol im also 18.

    My goal for my face is to remove all my blackheads and whiteheads and all the red marks on my face and my famous forehead scar from when my mother decided to pop a pimple last year. hope I could gain valuable knowledge from all the experts on this site to get rid of my acne and I too hope I can become an expert myself so I can help others. I'm also about to try the regimen but I have a few questions to ask and before I do and I'll post them in the right forum section. Thats all I can type for now and I hope my acne brothers and sisters welcome me with open arms! Cheers! cheer.gif