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  1. Thanks for the input. My skin is EXTREMELY sensitive to Benzoyl Peroxide. I'm looking more for cheap alternative ways on clearing my acne. I don't want to pay 30 everytime the regimen supply runs out. Another intelligent forumer messeged me on some natural products for my skin and I'd like more input and evaluation on what type of acne I have and natural remedies for clearing my acne. I don't think diet affects acne but I'll have to do more research regarding that subject. Once again, thanks f
  2. So I have red dots on my face that don't hurt or aren't bumpy and appeared after I used an blackhead extractor and the red dots now took the place of where my blackheads use to be. Here are some images: So can you name what type of acne that is? I'm really confused but I think it's a papule but I'd like your opinions on what it really is. Some info on my face is that my face is super oily especially on the forehead and super sensitive. Almost every lotion,moisturizer or ge
  3. Rocklover639

    Blackhead Land!!

    Here are the blackheads infestations on my face xD
  4. That's an interesting theory considering I'm the same to where I can't eat without drinking water, I even choked once eating chicken without water lol. I want to see the others inputs on this theory.
  5. Listening to Young Girls by Bruno Mars as I browse through the forums xD

  6. Welcome to the forums! You're face sounds a lot like mines and I too hope to find a way to clear my oily skin and some acne scars left behind. Good luck to the both of us.
  7. Thanks for the input even though it looks copied and pasted lol I know you mean well and I'll be sure as to follow some of the steps you posted. Thanks alot!
  8. Could it be the lighting from where you're standing from that could be affecting how prominent the acne mark looks from far?
  9. I've heard about this before and I want to try it out but I don't have the circles to do so since I have acne prone oily/sensitive skin and I'm afraid I'm going to breakout even more and it'll be harder to remove but for any others that try it out reply and tell us what you're outcome with it has been.
  10. From the album: Blackhead Land!!

    My dirty/dull/acne scarred face. Any suggestions on how to give me a brighter complexion for acne prone oily and sensitive skin would be greatly appreciated.
  11. From the album: Blackhead Land!!

    My face with what I think are scars from removing blackheads and some after just exposing my face to the air while riding in a car .
  12. From the album: Blackhead Land!!

    My side acne plus with all the whiteheads you can't see
  13. So I've been cruising around Acne.org for about a week and I finally decided too join! My names Eric and I have very sensitive skin with the oily combination. My face tends to be the "Manhattan" for blackheads to reside in xD. I'm hispanic but I could pass for an asian after 2pm when the sun is at it's highest lol im also 18. My goal for my face is to remove all my blackheads and whiteheads and all the red marks on my face and my famous forehead scar from when my mother decided to pop a pimple