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  1. Can't help you alot I'm afraid, but I can tell you are seeking some advice. Best I can say is maybe use a low salicylic acid gel whilst you wait to get the clindamycin again. Reason why I say that is because I too react very badly to harsh products, and am easily irritated by ingredients (am allergic to BP for example). But I have found S.acid to be ok, especially if you get it in a gel form as I find they tend to be less drying, even slightly moisturising too. Tea-tree oil is also much less h
  2. Thanks so much for your replies, I appreciate it!! So the Paula's Choice liquid is better than the gel is it?? I am def going to order some now. Hope they order to the UK! xx
  3. Hi everyone, Just wanted to know if anyone could recommend a good SA treatment, preferably around the 4% mark. I have been using a 2% SA face gel for just over a year now with good results, but I'd like to bump up now (I am allergic to BP by the way). Also, I know this might sound silly, but should I worry about SA poisoning?? -Purely because I use the gel twice a day, instead of just at night as it says. Just wondered if anyone had any input on this too!! thanks, any advice for good treatm
  4. Hi! I can't answer your post precisely, but I know how frustrating it is when no-one replies... Basically when you start the pill your body is having to adjust to the change in hormone level, and this can affect people in many, individual ways. I see no reason why the breakouts on your body wouldn't stop, especially if your face is clearing. Give your body a bit of time to get used to it and hopefully the problem will reduce itself. If it doesn't, I would go back to your doctor, or derm (whoev
  5. Hi everyone, gosh I haven't been on these boards for almost a year now (sorry). I'm 23, and having to come off the pill (Yasmin) due to migraines, after being on it for 7 years. About three years ago I took a course of roaccutane that really helped me and it completely stopped any 'big spots', and am currently 99% clear thanks to that, a good cleansing regime, and avoiding cow's milk. I'm absolutely terrifed though about whether acne will return when stopping the pill. I never had severe acne,
  6. I would be almost 100% sure it is the accutane just doing its stuff! It will just be bringing all the gunk out of your pores. I remember when I was on it a couple of years ago, all my blackheads magically dissapeared about half way through the treatment. -It was incredible! Even mum couldn't believe it! So if you're only on day 28, don't stress -just give it abit more time. Good luck.
  7. I completely agree! And this is a very important post. We musn't forget the main side effect of this drug..... clear skin!!!! And you're right, I bet most people take the drug without even thinking about it too much. Millions worldwide take it successfully after all!
  8. I'm going to see my derm on friday, for what will be the first time in about two years. I'm hoping to start on a second course of roaccutane, depending on what she says of course. This might seem like abit of a weird question, but does anyone know whether isotretinoin weakens the immune system at all?? The reason I ask this is because for about 7 months now, I have been suffering from long-term tonsillitis which comes and goes, and also makes me much more prone to picking up germs. I want to k
  9. Hi guys, Well here in the UK we have just started having our cable TV channels filled with proactiv adverts. As far as I'm aware, this is first time there has been a UK based proactiv company. Anyway, I noticed on the UK proactiv website (and the adverts) that the UK proactiv has different ingredients to the USA proactiv; The UK one does not have BP in it but SA instead. Also the toner and treatment cream differs in ingredients as well. Does anyone know why this is??? I have tried emailing
  10. yo.... I'm def pro-accutane, and I went on it for mild acne, it helped ALOT. It didn't make it worse and I didn't scar. I know initial break-outs are common but this is simply the skin 'getting out' all the spots in one go so you can be clear. It certainly doesn't make u worse forever. The skin does become alot more fragile so if you pick or squeeze when on it, then it probably will scar alot more easily, but as long as you leave it alone it should be fine. Any scars I did get through 'accutan
  11. Yes do it!! I also live in the UK , and went on roaccutane 2 years ago after trying everything else. My acne was only mild yet it made me feel like s***! I was desperate. If your other treatments aren't working and you have given them a fair trial, I would DEFINATELY recommend roaccutane. It takes a fair time to get on it sometimes... u need bloodtests to check u are 'ok' for it, and if u are female u need to be on the contraceptive pill for a month prior to starting. (roaccutane will dama
  12. Hi guys, Wow, it's been so long since I last posted on here. Well, I finished roaccutane about 2 years ago (I'm 22 now) for mild yet stubborn acne (it also affected me severely metally). Honestly, roccutane is the BEST treatment in the world, I would recommend it to anyone. None of the horror stories came true: I suffer from depression and was on prozac yet never felt suicidal, and I didn't really get a proper 'initial breakout'. -Maybe just a few extra spots than usual for a 2 or 3 weeks. I
  13. well well well... hello hello!!! I have returned for an update!! I would first like to explain *why* its been so long since I wrote here, especially when I said I wouldn't 'just disapear'. Basically, after I came off the roaccutane, I just wanted to FORGET about my skin. My skin was great for the first time is years and I just wanted to live like a "normal" person and FORGET I ever had acne. And in doing so, I kinda didn't want to go on this board.. Like I just wanted to have a 'break' from hav
  14. Products I recommend during (ro)accutane treatment.... Face wash: -------------- 'Boots 'skin kindly' foaming fash wash - excellent for fragile, red skin!! 'Simple' refreshing wash - during the beginning even this was too harsh for my skin, thats when I swapped to the 'skin kindly' stuff. But towards the end, my skin could tolerate it well again. Its nice and reviving to use without any unnessasary ingredients in it. You can order both of these from www.boots.co.uk Faci
  15. hey there no1nerd (----im sure u aren't!), thanks alot for your kind words. ------------------------------------- Well well, I'm sorry i haven't written for a while!! Ive been so busy lately, arghh! -have to be more disciplined!! Well I have been off roaccutane about 8/9 days now. In that time I had one little little pin-prick spot come up on my hairline, but it went within 2 days. Ermm... as I mentioned previously I do still have a few blocked pores left which is disheartening, but my skin i