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  1. Awesome results! Standard American dermatologist dosing is 120-150mg/kg total cumulitive dose and you're coming in at about 132mg/kg. Most studies show that doses on the higher end or even higher than 150mg/kg offer better results that are longer lasting. You sure you don't want to go for another month at 40mg? Day 120 is tomorrow for me and I'm going to stay on until my derm won't let me anymore lol.
  2. Jessa, I'm sorta in the same boat as you. I've been lurking for years and haven't posted. I'm currently on Accutane as well and plan on doing a complete recap once I'm finished. 5/21 will be the end of my 4th month which so far has gone 40mg, 40mg, 60mg, and currently 80mg. I flared with cysts like no other time in my life during the 1st 30 days, it subsided during month 2 thanks to prednisone (you might want to ask your derm for this), 3rd month my dose was raised and more cysts, and 4th month
  3. I last posted on acne.org about 8 years ago (under a different screename which I've since forgotten) just to respond to this thread. If you haven't already, try chlorhexidine gluconate 4%. The brand name is Hibiclens, but the Hibiclens formula is very runny and is red in color. I use either the Walgreens or CVS brand in the shower once a day in the morning and haven't had a trace of folliculitis since starting it. It's very affordable, $7-10 for an 8oz bottle and a little goes a long way. My las