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    finished taking Roaccutane December 2010.
    Takin this drug has been the worst decision I have ever made and I have regretted it every day since.
    Doseage: 60:40 mg alternating daily for 11/12 months
    Sideffects:None till course was over.
    Now - SEVERE dry/brittle hair.
    HAIRLOSS - lost at least 70% and continues...acne came back in July, worse than I ever suffered from it. I now have back, chest, neck & cheeks that are covered.
    So now Im bone dry with no natural hydration with horrific acne. As a 31 YO woman with now destroyed skin & hair.
    My side effects include: Chronic Dry mouth
    Severe dry,tight,dehydrated, ashy,mottled,discolored (yellow & red),wrinkled,scarred poorly healing skin
    Facial fat atrophy - fatloss. Hollow eyes & cheeks

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  1. woanchii0512 → Livetoregret I am just like you, except I am only 19. I totally understand how you feel. I really wanna have kids in the future and am afraid that it won't happen

  2. Well sorry if being able to take a shit and contribute to the economy isnt enough for me to feel content with my health or deal with my own personal nightmare day to day. Fact is some of us will never feel improvement as these effects do not subside for some and nothing we put into or put our bodies through is going to bring us back to baseline.
  3. I don't want to walk on the moon I just want my hair to grow like a normal human and my skin to function like skin should but that's not gonna happen because the truth is once the damage is done that's it. Once you pour milk in your coffee try extracting it tell me how that goes for you.
  4. Thanks for the cut and paste spam moron. Again, those in Australia need to contact me urgently.
  5. I'm saying the conversations are futile and posts have degraded into a pissing contest. I'm saying that if you continue to suffer after taking this drug that is it-you will continue to suffer. In my opinion those who delude themselves into thinking that there is some way they will one day recover are in denial- it's time to wake up and smell the 3 thousand useless posts on this thread. Nobody who suffers from real tangible side recover. End of story.
  6. Contact me via PM for more info If you are in Australia and suffering from damage she to roaccutane I need to speak with you Message me privately to find out what YOU can do to raise the profile of the horror caused by this drug SPEAK OUT & BE HEARD
  7. I cannot believe what a waste of time this forum is now. It has dissolved into useless information poor recommendations by half wits and now spam. For those who think they have a bunch of supplements is going to undo the damage- wake up, use your brain (for once) and realise the damage from accutane is irreversible- that is jf you are actually suffering from real side effects. Some of the garbage being written on here is truly laughable, like watching mice in a maze.
  8. This crap permanatley impedes your skins barrier function and induces acne because of the severity of the dried out skin. This crap causes severe wrinkling not just on your face but the rest of your body also as your skin can no longer retain water and the sebum function to keep your skin elastic and hydrated is destroyed. This crap ages you rapidly beyond your years in every respect. Your skin, your hair, your internal body. Listen to what those around you who have taken this crap h
  9. Theres no cure, we are screwed some more than others obviously. Ive given up trying to find an answer, this has consumed my life for two years now. I am about to quit my job and move home because I cannot handle this anymore my lie has been completely torn apart, every aspect. I give up.
  10. You say biased opinion but I would call it an 'educated opinion'. You can chose not to listen but you will pay for it later, be assured you do not get off scot free from this drug.
  11. I'd pile you all in a clown car with Joseph as the driver now that would be entertaining haha @Steph your not even willing to post pictures c'mon give it up show us the damage lets be honest and open here Also people- can we stop requoting people's long winded quotes in response just tag themthem, they will see it were here all the freaking time reading every post it's not like your gonna miss it were addressing using user names it's so irritating........
  12. Yes, why don't we think of that teenager or young adult who sees taking accutane as the only answer because life is so unbareable with acne, lets talk about how they don't really take the risk seriously, lets talk about how you don't really consider what it would be like to live like a cancer patient for years after you've taken a drug given to you for acne. Lets talk about how the trail of destruction from this drug has been lied about and false statistics and clinical trials that lead to the
  13. What have you done to treat it so far and hows the dryness?