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  1. Would overly dry skin make me get more acne? I was almost completely clear by using benzaclin once a day and now that I switched to dans bp twice a day I'm breaking out more but not as much as if I didn't use anything. I'm going to give it another week and if it gets worse I'm going to start using benzaclin again. My doctor didn't think my problems were related to using benzaclin but reading about the adverse affects of longterm antibiotic use got me really paranoid but I guess if my doctors n
  2. thanx alot for all your help. I actually don't have dry skin normally, actually I get very oily through out the day. However, I think the constant BP use this week has sucked all the moisture out of my face. With benzaclin I only used it at night but it was strong enough to keep my acne under control even with only the one application. The only reason I stopped is because I started having digestive problems and thought maybe it was because of the clindamycin in benzaclin.
  3. Depends on the moisturizer, for maximum moisturization but with a little shine, use Cetaphil cream. But it'll look healthy
  4. so if I use moisturizer with the BP will my skin look hydrated and healthy or will it just look like I put some oil on top of dry skin?
  5. I been using dans BP for a week coming off of benzaclin. I assumed my face was used to BP so I just started using it twice a day with no moisturizer. Now my face is really dry and it looks and feels horrible. Will using moisturizer actually hydrate my skin deep down or just make it not flaky. I don't really have a problem with it being flakey but it feels raw (for lack of a better word) underneath and marks from previous breakouts look worse. Would only using the BP once a day have a drasti
  6. I'm afraid sunscreen is going to look greasy and make me breakout. Can anyone recommend a sunscreen that wont do this?
  7. Cetaphil cleaners is basically water in a bottle.. and then you go on to say how dan's products 'goes on like water' (direct quote from you). Do you not see the conflicting argument you just made? Cetaphil's cleanser goes on very very lightly and still cleans your face. As for the cetaphil moisturizer.. I agree that it goes on greasy/heavily. .but at almost double the price of dans PLUS shipping (which you forget to mention).. I'm not seeing where all these extra costs are coming from consideri
  8. I wouldnt buy the neutrogena BP. It feels like glue on your face. I just started using dans bp a couple of days ago and it goes on real smooth and feels great. I was already clear from benzaclin but I had to stop using it because of digestive problems. Ill let you know in a couple of weeks if I stay clear on dans gel.
  9. I dont hang out in the sun that long just the time it takes me to walk from and to my car. Do I still need to wear sunscreen when doing the regimen?
  10. My doctor wont give me finacea I think he doesn't know much about it and assumed it wont work as good as the stuff he normally prescribes. He gave me differin but I really dont want to use differin. I made it really clear that I wanted finacea but I guess I didn't push hard enough. I didn't want to sound like I thought I knew more than him but now I'm pissed that he just shook it off. What should I do? Should I see my parents doctor and see if he will prescribe it to me? can this be done? C
  11. Miss Josette, you say you had digestive problems from antibiotics. What kind? Did it go away after stopping antibiotics? Was it because of oral antibiotics or topical? I use benzaclin which is 1% antibiotic so your response would really help me out.
  12. I use urine in the morning and at night I put on a feces mask for 15 minutes and then wash it off with urine. Most of the time I use my own but on some lucky nights my room mate forgets to flush so I use his and I save mine for a rainy day.
  13. I have been using benzaclin for about 5 years. It doesn't make me 100% clear but close enough. A couple of weeks ago I had some serious intestinal problems (vomiting and bad diarrhea) A few weeks prior to this I was prescribed amoxicillin by my school doctor for a really painful infection I had on my leg. I was home when I got the stomach problems so I saw my regular doctor and he told me to eat tons of yogurt and probiotic supplements. I haven't had the problem again but after reading about