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  1. YoursTruly*Ashleigh

    Acne Scarring

    Hello everyone, After looking at various pictures of different people's acne scars, I began wondering how long a person typically has to suffer from acne before they begin to see scarring. I have suffered from acne on and off for about 4 years but it's gotten drastically worse in the last year. I've begun to notice that hyper pigmentation marks don't seem to vanish nearly as quick anymore. I've also discovered my first marks that resemble little prickly dents in my face. I realize that
  2. YoursTruly*Ashleigh

    Acne Around Mouth

    I've been dealing with the same thing and I get extremely tired of people asking "do you touch your mouth a lot?" Anyway, they say that it's a hormonal thing when it's around the mouth. What is your diet like?
  3. YoursTruly*Ashleigh

    Acne Scarring

    CBIOT, I found your response to be very informative. Thank you!
  4. YoursTruly*Ashleigh

    Adderall & Acne

    Has anyone ever noticed a correlation with Adderall and a worsening of their acne after being prescribed to it? Just wondering...
  5. YoursTruly*Ashleigh

    Adderall & Acne

    Rosalie, Thanks for your response. I'm glad to know that Adderall didn't have any negative side affects on your skin. I recently started attending a new school and things are quite hectic. But I noticed after I lost 40 pounds about a year and a half ago, it seems as if maybe my hormones may have been thrown out of whack because about 2 months after losing the weight, my skin began it's battle with acne. I've been to numerous dermatologists and even had my hormones checked. They couldn't find
  6. YoursTruly*Ashleigh

    Fading Dark Marks (Aka Pih)

    I have a couple of creams that have given me some pretty satisfactory results if you're interested. Hyper pigmentation marks are seriously the worst! Ugh.
  7. YoursTruly*Ashleigh

    Zinc Or Chelated Zinc?

    Yep, I never noticed a Zinc either. *noticed a difference
  8. YoursTruly*Ashleigh

    Treatment Or Toner?

    Have you ever tried Tazorac?
  9. As my acne begins to worsen and gradually spread further down my jawline and onto my neck, I anxiously anticipate the day my face is going to look like someone tap danced on my face with a pair of football cleats. As my dermatologist dodged my questions regarding my concerns with scarring, I finally came to the realization that the worst is yet to come and it is what it is. Is this where an optimistic outlook should begin to come into play? lol...

    1. YoursTruly*Ashleigh


      *concerns with scarring during yesterday's visit

  10. YoursTruly*Ashleigh

    Dairy & Acne

    Has anyone noticed a difference in their skin due to dropping dairy from your diet? I feel like my inflammation has gone down; just want to see if anyone else' has?
  11. YoursTruly*Ashleigh

    Accidentally Popped A Cyst Pimple

    Interesting, I'm dealing with somewhat of the same dilemma. It's very frustrating!
  12. YoursTruly*Ashleigh

    Accutane & Scarring

    Hello all! What is your opinion on Accutane and scarring? I've been told by a dermatologist that the Accutane doesn't cause scarring, it just seems like it does because when people eventually take care of their acne, it has already gotten so bad that when it clears up from the Accutane, they chalk it up to the medicine not the fact that their skin couldve been scarred prior to Accutane. He has a good point, but I still don't trust doctors very much. It doesn't help that many of my friends
  13. YoursTruly*Ashleigh

    Accutane & Scarring

    Thanks Velinda
  14. I'm not to sure as to where to start. I'll begin by saying that my acne seems as if it began one day when I was washing my face after a workout and as my hands made their way to my jawline, I noticed multiple pustules and cystic like bumps. Initially, I was not alarmed. It's just a phase right?! Ha, if only! As the days went on, they began to get bigger, deeper and more painful. It was like watching a nightmare unfold in front of my own eyes on my face! I even began waking up thinking "I had the
  15. YoursTruly*Ashleigh

    Accutane & Scarring

    Thank you everyone for all your insight. I was trying to respond to everyone individually but I can't seem to figure out how to do so.
  16. YoursTruly*Ashleigh


    Good luck to you!
  17. YoursTruly*Ashleigh

    Week 7

    Have you tried taking Vitamin E orally for the healing of your scars? That's what I'm doing.
  18. YoursTruly*Ashleigh

    Week 7

    Sorry to hear about your painful cysts, those suckers hurt! I've had about enough of all I can take of them on my jawline.
  19. YoursTruly*Ashleigh

    Have You Ever Asked Yourself "what Did I Do To Deserve Acne Like This?"

    Well thanks for your response and kind words, Lily. Although I hate that other people have to go through this as well, it's also very comforting to know that people, such as yourself, suffer from the same crippling effects that acne can do physically and emotionally. I'm still on the fence in regard to Accutane, what about you?
  20. YoursTruly*Ashleigh

    Good Things For The Many Factors That Lead To Acne

    Wow, this is awesome information!
  21. YoursTruly*Ashleigh

    Question About Antibiotics

    Depending on the severity of your acne, typically a week or two. It depends on the person also. Where are your pimples located? If they're on your chin, you need to adopt a regimen quick to start nipping it in the bud. Because cystic acne is no joke and typically continues to worsen. I have a couple of suggestions also, if you're interested in a hollistic approach.
  22. YoursTruly*Ashleigh


    I call Tazarac my "acne cream on steroids!" haha It is great stuff, indeed! Very expensive though when your insurance doesn't cover it : - /
  23. YoursTruly*Ashleigh

    Progress + Product Feedback, Confidence Issues

    Hopefully your "scars" are just hyperpigmentation. Which are just the dark spots that take a couple weeks-months to fade out of the skin. I hate the scars and/or hyperpigmentation too. I find myself not looking people in the eyes anymore. Anyway, glad you found a cleanser that works for your skin. For many of us, that can be an annoying, strenuous process it seems.
  24. YoursTruly*Ashleigh


    Dropping dairy has helped the inflammation in my acne TREMENDOUSLY!
  25. YoursTruly*Ashleigh

    Painful Face/new Career

    Sounds like your skin is too sensitive for it. I use the Epiduo and Acanya and I usually use it before bed so I don't suffer the "beat-red face" consequences during the day. Have you tried Tazarac? It's strong but it works well. There's so much out there, it can be overwhelming...