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Just your typical college student dealing with acne that is continuing to worsen. I'm trying to maintain living normally outside of the shame and embarrassment that acne has caused me to feel in my everyday life. I used to thoroughly enjoy interaction with people and social events, I now go to the furthest extent to avoid eye contact with anyone and everyone. I don't curse God for my acne because I know he has blessed me too abundantly with so many other amazing things that enhance my quality of life. I love Porcha; my pit bull, traveling, being a purse junkie, genuine people, sarcasm & beautiful weather. If I had one wish, I'd blow out the birthday candles asking for my skin back.

On the flip side, acne has allowed me to be humbled. I now look at others with acne and feel a deep sense of compassion & mutual understanding. It's that look you give each other that says " I feel your pain, man!" But hey, looks aren't everything right?! lol.giflol.gif

Although sometimes it's hard, I refuse to be sign_owned.gif by my acne. There's too much to live for.banana.gif