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  1. I seriously doubt that, but vodka can have a stimulating effect overall. I hardly think that drinking two nights in a row is considered heavy drinking anyway. OP, it can be that your acne cleared up due to other factors, such as having fun and not worrying about your skin for 2 nights? Being happy has a positive effect on the skin also:)
  2. Yes, one vitamin a day for a long time can actually be dangerous for the liver. Keep in mind that your liver doesn't hurt unless you are in the final stages of liver damage. You might feel like everything is fine, but you could actually be doing long term damage. Turmeric is not a vitamin OP, it is an herb or spice that you can use in your food. It is actually very good for you. Fish oil should be fine to take also if it has the right vitamin A-vitamin D ration. Most fish oils are processed
  3. I think those that have an insulin sensitivity will probably need to control their acne during their whole lifetime. So you need to give up junk foods and sugary snacks to have a chance to get rid of acne. Also, Accutane is only a short term solution for most, as they get the acne back at some point. Not to mention the really bad side-effects that make acne seem like nothing.
  4. Alcohol, especially beer, can promote estrogen, which means that your levels of testosterone can lower when you drink this. Another reason could be that: since vodka is almost pure alcohol, it can actually kill a lot of bacteria and yeast. Do you suspect a bacterial overgrowth problem due to taking antibiotics for long periods of time?
  5. B5 can have side-effects such as hair loss. Try a small dose, although 1g is already a lot for any vitamin. Taking synthetic vitamins can also prevent the absorption of other important vitamins. Look into colloidal vitamins, they can actually make a difference.
  6. Taking huge doses of vitamins is not a holistic approach by any means. Most likely it is going to make your face even more dry and it's not going to cure acne. Have you tried any diet changes for getting rid of acne?
  7. Brown rice contains more anti-nutrients than white rice, so I try to stick to white rice mixed with a little wild rice. The advantage of rice is that it does not contain gluten.
  8. Do you guys think that acne marks look much worse in the bathroom light rather than natural outside light? This is what I noticed at least.
  9. There is not much you can do about your apendix now, and i know a lot of people without it who do just fine and have clear faces. Take natural herbs for immunity and make sure that you keep your gut healthy. Also, don't take the probiotics for too long as they can also cause problems for some people. Make sure that your hormones haven't gone wild, maybe try some primrose oil and vitex if you can. This is what I am doing right now and I can tell you that I am 95% clear. From 2-3 pimples per day
  10. Farm raised means that they use a lot of substances to make the fish mature faster, on top of all kinds of other stuff that you don't want to ingest. Buy only oceanic fish, or find a good fish oil supplement. Actually, fish from the rivers is more polluted and full of heavy metals than oceanic fish.
  11. Hi, If you can find comfrey leaves use them as a mask, they dry up the pimples and heal the wounds really quickly. You need to boil one handful of leaves for 1 min and then squash them and apply them to your face for 30 mins.
  12. 1000 mg is good. I take 3 pills of omega 3 from salmon oil and they contain 333mg of EPA and DHA each. Also, make sure they are from a natural source.
  13. From what I have read before, the apendix is also part of the immune system, so you will have lower immunity until your body adjusts to it being gone. Also, consider that after an operation, your body is still trying to eliminate the anesthetic substances. Immunity is always lower after an operation, so you may get any detox symptoms, such as flu symptoms or maybe acne in your case. Just try to do a small detox with herbal teas such as nettle for a few days, and supplement with some probiotics i
  14. Unfortunately, gluten is not the only bad ingredient of bread. I love bread too, but I gave up most grains a while ago. They seem to affect my overall health because they contain a lot of anti-nutrients. Also, they are quite difficult to process by our digestive system from my experience. I only eat rice once in a while. I think we are just too dependent on bread for our meals. After 2 weeks with no bread or substitute bread, I didn't feel any need to eat it anymore.
  15. Coconut is a good source of fat, but be aware that people with type blood O are extremely sensitive to coconut, which can produce allergies and inflammation. Also, coconut oil has some ingredients that can be quite harsh on the kidneys. In case you have any issues in that department it is wise to stay away from it. I find grape seed oil to be the only vegetable oil that I can tolerate quite well. As someone said before, one ingredient probably won't cure your acne. Your whole diet needs to